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The Trust publishes all of its policies on this website.  The list of policies below are links that will open each individual document.

How do I find what I need to know?

Within each policy the index page is a set of hyperlinks that take you directly to the section you require.  In addition; you can click into any policy, right click anywhere in the document and open “find”, type in the word you want to look for and the search tool will take you to every place in the policy that word is mentioned.

The policies contain links that will take staff directly to the forms, leaflets and posters that you may need to deliver effective patient care.


    1. Clinical Care Policy
    2. Medicines Management & Medical Devices Policy
    3. Human Resources and Workforce Development Policy Handbook
    4. Safety, Health, Environment, and Fire Policy
    5. Risk, Quality, Escalation, Candour, and Governance
    6. Mental Health and Mental Capacity Policies
    7. Infection Control
    8. Records and Information
    9. Involving People Policy ( formerly  known as Involving, Engaging and Consulting the Public, Patients, Carers, Staff, Volunteers and Stakeholders)
    10. Trust Resilience Policy
    11. Safeguarding Policy
    12. Smoke Free Premises Policy


The Trust's corporate documents, strategies, reports and accounts, as well as a range of information leaflets and service operational protocols can be accessed via the left-hand navigation bar on this page or by clicking the links in this paragraph.

All of these documents are maintained in accordance with the procedure for corporate documents and policies.