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31 January 2019 BOD meeting papers

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Meeting information

Date: Thursday 31 January 2019

Time:  0900am

Location:  Trust HQ, St George's, Long Leys Road, Lincoln, LN1 1FS



1.2) Declarations of Interest

1.3) Minutes of the Board of Directors' Meeting held on the 6 December 2018

1.4) Schedule of Actions & Follow Up

1.5)  Chair's Remarks

1.6)  Care Quality Commission (CQC) Report

1.6a) as above

2.1) Draft Minutes of a Quality Committee Meeting held on 10 January 2019

2.1a) as above

2.2 Guardian of Safe Working Report

2.3) Learning from Deaths Report

2.4) Community Mental Health Survey 2018

3.1)  Organisational Risk Register

3.1a) as above

3.1b) as above

4.1) Chief Executive's Report

4.2) Sustainability & Transformation Partnership (STP) Update Report

4.2a) as above

4.3) Suicide Prevention Strategy Priorities Update Report

5.1) Integrated Performance Report

6.1) Draft Minutes of an Audit Committee Meeting held on 17 January 2019

6.1a) as above

6.2)  Annual Review of Governance Arrangements

6.3)  Board Assurance Framework

6.4)  Quarterly (Q3) Self-Assessment against NHSI Single Oversight Framework (SOF)

7.1)  Forthcoming Board Programme

Approved Meeting Minutes 31 January 2019