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It is now estimated that 1 in 4 people in England will experience a mental health problem in any given year.  We provide a range of mental health care services for people of all ages. These range from our talking therapies and psychological services to specialist child and family services, to ongoing mental health rehabilitation which continue to support people who have severe or long term mental health problems.

Where we can, our aim is to keep people out of hospital (inpatient services) – unless it is necessary – by supporting them in the community. This might be by providing care and treatment in your own home, or at another location within the community, such as a clinic or your local GP surgery.

The kind of help we can offer depends on your needs. We also take into account your faith, cultural and social background. It is very important that we work in partnership with you, your carer(s) and your other family members; we consider all your wishes and feelings in all the work we do.

On these pages you can find out what each services does and who they are aimed at.

Do you need to access our services?

If you think you may need to use our services, please contact your local GP surgery who can refer you to us if appropriate. Or you can contact us directly by calling 0303 123 4000.