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Lincolnshire Suicide SAFE

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New suicide prevention campaign 'Lincolnshire Suicide SAFE' aims to get local communities involved in helping to prevent suicides in the county and raise awareness of what we can all do to support our friends, family, colleagues and neighbours.

Every suicide is an individual tragedy and a terrible loss to society. Suicides are not inevitable and everybody can play a role in preventing them.

The reasons for suicide can be very complex, but generally it's the result of problems or worries building up to a point where someone feels they cannot cope anymore and can't see another other option or way out. A recent loss or break up of a relationship, problems with work or money, or living alone with little social contact can all be reasons people think about suicide, even if they have never had a mental health problem before.

It is often difficult to identify whether you or someone you are worried about is struggling to cope, however being able to recognise some of the signs is a good start. You can read more about this and how to get help by using this link>>


Support the Lincolnshire Suicide SAFE charter

As part of our local plan we have developed a Suicide SAFE charter which asks local businesses, organisations and clubs, no matter how small, to sign up and help raise awareness of what we can all do to support our family, friends, colleagues and neighbours.

There are two levels depending on the size of your organisation and how much you would like to be involved.

Level 1

  • Develop a culture where people are comfortable talking about difficult issues – Asking a simple question like “are you ok?” and listening without judgement can make a real difference. Often people just want someone to listen and support them through a difficult time. We want communities to feel more comfortable talking about suicide and able to have a difficult conversation with someone they are worried about.
  • Raise awareness of suicide prevention – Share information with colleagues, local group and club members using our toolkit of posters and conversation cards. Let people know where they can find more help and information when they might be struggling. We’d also like you to be part of our mailing list where we’ll share regular updates on our local campaign and keep you updated on some of the future actions from the prevention strategy and how local communities can help.
  • Help recognise the signs and triggers for those at risk and support vulnerable individuals – By helping people understand the reasons and signs that someone might be struggling, you’ll be able to help your family, friends and colleagues talk openly about their feelings.
  • Learn how to respond to someone who may be at risk – Our toolkit will share links to the support available locally, so that you can help signpost people to information that will help them stay safe, as well as emotional support lines or how to access specialist services.

If your organisation would like be involved please email us at and we will send you a copy of our toolkit to share. You will also be added to our mailing list for future information and updates.

Once established we will be further developing a second phase of the charter for larger organisations who want to build on their achievements at Level 1. Level 2 will be your opportunity to get more involved, and play an active role in preventing suicides in the county.

Level 2 of the charter is still under development and we will send out information to those organisations that sign up in due course.

Level 2

  • Identify a Suicide SAFE Champion to support awareness raising activities
  • Ensure people have the knowledge and skills to know how to respond, signpost or refer someone to appropriate support
  • Develop a local suicide prevention plan, detailing how their organisation will contribute to a culture of suicide prevention
  • Engage with the wider community to promote an understanding of suicide prevention
  • Participate in Suicide SAFE events across Lincolnshire – for example, attending the Annual Suicide SAFE Event to share best practice and learning between organisations
  • Annually review progress and commitment to this charter, sharing success and challenges with the Suicide Prevention Steering Group


Lincolnshire Suicide Prevention Steering Group

All agencies in Lincolnshire have been working together on the local action plan to help reduce the number of suicides in the county. We formed a strategic group, the Lincolnshire Suicide Prevention Steering Group, in order for organisations to work together and have set out a number of key priorities and workstreams.

More information about the Lincolnshire Suicide Prevention Action Plan can be found here.