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Making your experiences count

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The feedback we receive from our patients and their carers is paramount to helping us improve our services. It enables us to monitor how well we are doing through the eyes of the patient or carer.

To improve the patient experience we need to gather feedback, make changes based on that information, measure the improvements and share them as widely as possible.

Quality is at the heart of everything that we do, whether it is in our inpatient units, clinics, or in people's homes. It is the quality of the services we provide and how we provide them that makes for a good patient or carer experience.

Zoë Rowe, our Associate Director of Nursing and Quality highlights that,

The only people who truly know about the experiences of services are the people who use them. By virtue of the type of services we offer, the experiences of care and contribution towards recovery remains the measure of quality from most patients, their families and carers. Working with people in our services is an extraordinary role and a real privilege. What we do with and for patients every day is deeply important. We will use the feedback we collect to inform the work that we do and ensure that we are key to enabling people to stay healthy and well for longer and helping those who need it to recovery.

The Trust gathers feedback in a number of ways, using technology, paper surveys and vebal feedback. We want to make it easy for people to comment on the experiences they have had and using any of these routes is just one way we enable you to give use feedback.

If you have used our community services

Complete the leaflet 'Making your experiences count' which are available in our community clinics.

If you have been an inpatient

You will have been asked for your feedback on discharge along with the question "How likely are you to recommend our services to friends and family if they needed similar care or treatment?". This information is asked of all patients on discharge nationally. The results are made available at so that you can compare NHS hospitals, and know where you and your family can get the best possible care.

Care Opinion website

If you want to tell others about your experience and you have used any of our mental health services, Care Opinion is an independent website that gives people the opportunity to share stories and opinions on services they have received.

Read more about Care Opinion by using this link.

Thank you in advance for your feedback and comments, your views are very important to us.