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Prevent and counter terrorism

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How can you get involved?

You may feel that you would like to take part in a Prevent (anti-radicalisation) activity or arrange your own event either locally or nationally. The Prevent team can assist colleagues already working in policing and external partners/communities who wish to learn more about Prevent and how they can help safeguard vulnerable individuals.
The Prevent Team delivers numerous products in the community to help raise awareness of the terrorist threat to the UK. If you are interested in receiving training in any of our below products please email and a member of the team will be in touch.

WRAP (Workshop to Raise Awareness of Prevent)
WRAP is a DVD-facilitated product produced by the Office for Security and Counter Terrorism (OSCT). It is designed for front-line staff from partner agencies and gives the audience an awareness of Prevent and how people may be susceptible to radicalisation. The workshop is free.

ACT NOW (All Communities Together to defeat terrorism)
ACT Now is a DVD facilitated classroom workshop. Secondary school students and community groups are given a scenario where they have to investigate a possible terrorist incident and to provide answers to questions based on the information provided.
The workshop is designed to encourage debate surrounding the sensitive issue of terrorism and to help the audience understand how the police investigate real terrorist incidents. The workshop is free.

This workshop consists of a 20 minute fictitious film based around two young men who are being drawn towards Al Qaeda and extreme right wing terrorism respectively and how their worlds collide. A further 40 minutes is based around group exercises facilitated by the Prevent Engagement Officer. The workshop examines issues such as prejudice, discrimination and stereotyping, how this can lead to 'hate' and how this can manifest itself as extremism.
This would be most suitable for students or young people between the ages of 13 and 18.  The workshop is free.

Counter Terrorism

What is happening in Lincolnshire?
Terrorism is a real and serious threat to us all. To counter the terrorist threat, we need to all work together to tackle the terrorist challenge.
Although there is no direct and specific threat in Lincolnshire we are working closely with key partner agencies and communities to tackle any extremism.

Since early 2003, the United Kingdom has had a long-term strategy for countering international terrorism, known as CONTEST. CONTEST is the Government's Counter Terrorism Strategy, published in July 2006 and refreshed in March 2009. The aim of the strategy is 'to reduce the risk from international terrorism, so that people can go about their lives freely and with confidence.'

CONTEST has four strands, often known as the four Ps. The aims of the 4 Ps are: 

  • PREVENT - to stop people becoming terrorists or supporting violent extremism. 
  • PURSUE - to stop terrorist attacks through disruption, investigation and detection. 
  • PREPARE - where an attack cannot be stopped, to mitigate its impact.
  • PROTECT - to strengthen against terrorist attack, including borders, utilities.

Over the last few years, County partners have successfully developed innovative initiatives as part of the CONTEST Strategy.