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Children’s mental health team is truly outstanding

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A mental health service for children and young people from North East Lincolnshire has once again received national accolades for the outstanding care they provide.

Staff from Lincolnshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust’s (LPFT) North East Lincolnshire Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS), are celebrating after winning the Specialist Service category at the recent HSJ Value in Healthcare Awards.

The service has been recognised as a forward-thinking beacon of UK excellence and Alastair McLellan, Editor at the HSJ, said:

The judges all agreed that NE Lincs CAMHS is an excellent service with great ideas which have received recognition from NHS England. HSJ Value Awards are dedicated to the dominating challenge facing the NHS – how to improve care quality and efficiency within a tightening financial budget.  That the NHS and NE Lincs CAMHS are able to continue to innovate while under such historic pressure is a tribute to team’s resilience.

Dr Tracey Urquhart, service manager for North East Lincolnshire CAMHS, said she was pleased for her team to be once again recognised for the work they do.

We’re absolutely delighted to have our team acknowledged nationally,” said Tracey.
All our staff are committed to providing the highest standard of care to the young people and their families that we serve in the area while achieving value for taxpayers.
Part of our success is evident in the fact that only two young people we have treated for a mental health crisis in the area in the last five years have required hospital admission.
As a result we’ve had many commissioners and health providers from other areas praising our service and trying to emulate it.
I’ve also presented at a regional conference about our service and what makes us so successful.

The service also recently retained their Outstanding rating from the Care Quality Commission (CQC), as part of LPFT’s comprehensive inspection of services. Inspectors commented that NE Lincs CAMHS established innovative ways of working and that patients and carers told them that they ‘felt listened to, were treated well and taken seriously and staff were extremely caring and supportive’.

Dr John Brewin, Chief Executive at LPFT said he was extremely proud of the quality of the Trust’s CAMHS service.

The HSJ Value Award and the Outstanding CQC rating for NE Lincs CAMHS is a testament to the hard work of all staff in this service. The team brings together a wide range of professionals and removes some of the barriers people may experience, John said.
We want young people to remain supported and involved throughout their treatment and that’s exactly what they get from NE Lincs CAMHS.