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Adult services

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Our adult mental health service care for people of working age (18 to 65 years old) who are experiencing severe episodes of their mental health illness or need longer term recovery plans put in place to return to live independently.

Where possible, we will work with you, your carer(s) and other family members to help treat you for your condition at home and in the community, rather than admitting you into one of our hospital inpatient units (Acute).

Adult services include:

Referral and access

Non-emergency – all referrals to our services are initially done via your GP. You will initially be seen for an assessment of your needs and we will then decide with you what services and treatments will best suit the problems you are experiencing.

Emergency – If you are currently experiencing a crisis, feel suicidal or if you are a carer and feel threatened by the person you are caring for please refer to our Need Help guide. This offers a range of people you can contact. If you are already a service user in our adult services you will be assessed and assisted by our crisis resolution and home treatment team.

Find out more about each of the services and what they offer by using the links on the left hand side.