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Acute inpatient care

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Acute care deals with people who are experiencing a severe, short term episode of mental illness. You will only be admitted onto an inpatient ward if you are experiencing serious mental distress which can’t be dealt with by a community service.

We aim to make sure that you receive the treatment in the best setting, to suit your needs and wishes. A very small proportion of people seen by our teams need to be treated in inpatient units, however, a stay in an inpatient ward is usually short-term.

Inpatient wards

We have three inpatient wards in the county in Boston and Lincoln. These wards cover the whole of the county. If you have been assessed by the crisis resolution and home treatment team and it is felt that the crisis you are experiencing can not be dealt with in the community, with your agreement we will seek to admit you on a short term basis for care on one of our wards.

This will generally only be done if you are a risk to yourself and others or you have major stressors at home or in the community which may prevent your recovery.

You will be consulted about admission and treatment options throughout the whole process.
Throughout your time on the unit you will be assessed on a regular basis, work with staff to arrange a medication regime and helped to understand more about your condition and what you can do to help it.

Once it is felt you are ready for discharge, the team will work with you and your carer(s) to devise a relapse prevention plan and carers will be offered any help and advice they may need to help support you. The relapse plan will include signs and triggers which may cause or help you recognise if you start to deteriorate.

Visiting hours

Carer(s), family and friends will be allowed to visit you whilst on the wards, and visiting hours are:

Conolly and Charlesworth ward (Peter Hodgkinson Centre)
Evenings: 6pm to 8.30pm
Weekends: 2pm to 4pm and 6pm to 8.30pm

Ward 12 (Pilgrim Hospital)
Evenings: 6pm to 8.30pm
Weekends: 2pm to 4pm and 6pm to 8.30pm

If this is not convenient please speak to a member of staff on the ward, to see if alternative arrangements can be made.

What will I do whilst in an inpatient unit?

Whilst you are on the ward there will a number of structured therapeutic day activities available to take part in. The occupational therapy aims to help you gain confidence in all activities related to daily living and may also include therapeutic activities such as pottery, craft, gardening and relaxation. These activities can be a valuable aid in your recovery and treatment whilst in hospital.