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Crisis resolution and home treatment team

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If you or someone you know is experiencing a mental health crisis and is at risk of having to go to hospital because of it, our crisis resolution and home treatment team will generally become involved to try and prevent this happening.

The team provide our service users going through a serious mental health crisis help and support in the least restrictive environment.

Crisis resolution

This team is based in the community and provide quick access to assess you if you are experiencing a mental health crisis. Following the assessment we will stay involved until the care you need has been sorted.

A crisis is considered to be when your normal methods of coping are not working, and result in a rapid deterioration in your mental health and a need for psychiatric professional involvement.

Home treatment

To try and avoid you being admitted into hospital, the home treatment team can provide intensive home support for approximately six weeks. This will support any care that you may already be receiving from care co-ordinator or key worker.

Your treatment will involve an assessment, plan of care and any other interventions which we may be able to prevent you needing to go into hospital.

If you are already an inpatient in one of our units, we will work with you to try and ensure an early discharge and support you when you leave hospital.

Who works in the team?

The teams are made up of several members of staff including: nurses, social workers, occupational therapists, psychologists, psychiatrists and community support workers.

We are part of the overall acute care service and are able to visit you at your home on any day of the week, including weekends and bank holidays.

We focus on a number of areas including problem solving techniques, coping strategies, medication management, how to prevent a relapse and identifying early warning signs

How can I be referred to the team?

Crisis referrals

If you have a care co-ordinator or key worker and you are experiencing a mental health crisis during the day time (9am-5pm) you should contact them and they may refer you to our service.

If you cannot reach your care co-ordinator, someone within their team will be able to contact our service in their absence, if appropriate.

Out of hours (5pm–9am) please refer to the need help button (to the left) for advice or refer to your crisis and contingency plan given to you by your care co-ordinator.

If you have not been seen by our mental health service before, you must be seen by your GP first, who can refer you to us, if appropriate.

Home treatment referrals

Your care coordinator or any other individual involved in your care can refer you to our home treatment service. During your involvement with the teams you will be given details on how to contact the service directly.