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Our multi-disciplinary team consists of specialist nurses, psychologists, occupational therapists, social workers, and a range of support staff.

Rehabilitation teams provide tailored therapeutic programmes to empower individuals to take decisions about their future needs, maximise their independence, and increase their overall participation in community life. All programmes are individualised and are based on activities of daily living and social integration. This may include group work, skills development, goal setting and confidence building. There is access to a range of psychological therapies and physical therapies.

Emphasis is placed upon linking each individual into a range of community services including day services, local educational colleges, employment, voluntary work and voluntary agencies, sports and leisure centres.

The team works in a joined up way and in partnership with numerous agencies and involves family members and carers to ensure the right choices about care are made for each person.


From our other inpatient units as well as from community care co-ordinators.