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Vulnerable groups

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Children and young people with a learning disability

Children and young people with a mild learning disability are able to access the full range of services on offer in Core CAMHS, subject to reasonable adjustments. However, the service also has learning disability professionals providing specialist services for children with moderate to severe/profound learning disabilities who are also experiencing mental health problems.

They provide:

  • timely assessment and intervention appropriate to the needs of each individual child and their family
  • appropriate strategies and skills for families and carers
  • support to Special Schools

Children and young people at risk of, or in contact with, the Youth Justice System

These children and young people have equitable access to all parts of CAMHS as appropriate to their needs. Support and advice in regards to managing young people in contact with the YJS can be provided and relevant specialist support is available from the consultant forensic psychologist. Assistant practitioners are available to support health appointments.

Looked After Children

Support to Looked after Children is provided by skilled staff within the Core team. The additional support available includes:

  • Consultation, advice and support to foster carers, residential social workers and adopted parents.
  • Assistance with placement stability including behavioural management strategies to help prevent breakdown of placements.
  • Training in areas such as attachment and other mental health issues of LAC.
  • Co-ordination and liaison by Crisis and Home Treatment should admission be required.