Accessing our services

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We are very sorry but we are no longer able to take any referrals. The steps2change service will no longer be provided in Derbyshire from 27 September 2015.

We are working to ensure that there is as minimal disruption to patient care as possible and we can advise that the following providers offer psychological therapies in your area.

If you feel that you would like to access talking therapies the important first step would often be to make an appointment with your GP or Health Care professional. You can also self-referr to all of the above providers.

When you attend an appointment with your GP it is important that you let them know how you are feeling. People will often visit their GP if they are ill, or have a problem with their physical health and will find it easy to tell their GP about this. But it can often be difficult to talk about problems that you can’t physically see, such as anxiety or depression.

Your GP is just as interested in how you are feeling regarding your mood and is there to help.

If you think you’ll find it difficult to talk to your GP about your problems the GP Ice-breaker below may be helpful.

Download the GP Ice breaker document by using this link.

If you are not currently registered with a GP the following link may be useful:

Here is a short video on accessing our services.