Patient journey explained

steps2change provides talking therapies for people experiencing problems with anxiety, depression, stress and  offers help with issues like bereavement or the impact of a traumatic event.

Our therapists work together within something called a stepped care model. This means that the least intrusive form of treatment is provided first and there are three steps within the model as illustrated below.


When we receive your referral, we aim to ensure that you receive the support you need quickly. You will be contacted by telephone to confirm your details and to arrange an appointment for an assessment. This assessment usually takes place by telephone, however alternative arrangements can be made if this is not possible. 

The assessment will be with a trained clinician, and will take approximately 45 minutes.  Following the assessment, a decision will be reached about the appropriate treatment available for you, or you may be signposted to other services that may be of benefit to you. 

The treatment options available will depend on the severity and nature of your difficulties, and this will be discussed with you. Most people enter the steps2change service at Step 2, as illustrated above. Please follow the links for further information.

If your difficulties require a specific type of treatment, you may enter the steps2change service at Step 3, as illustrated above. Following the links will provide you with further information.

Your treatment will be regularly reviewed with you to ensure that you are receiving the right support.