Autism Support Network

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What is the Autism Support Network?

Lincolnshire’s Autism Support Network aims to help both adults and children who are on the autistic spectrum and their families and carers.

It is an alliance of groups and organisations that provide a range of activities and services to give people support, structure and choice in their lives to deal with
the everyday challenges that autistic spectrum disorders bring.

Members of the network have close links with each other to help people on the spectrum, as well as those who care for them. The network wants everyone to
enjoy the best quality of life as they possibly can, so that they can live well in their community and can access a wider range of opportunities.

Groups and organisations across the county will provide a variety of activities including social and friendship groups, informal education and skills development, rural and outdoor projects, peer support, recreational and fun things to try. There are a wide
range of free activities for people to choose from across Lincolnshire for adults, children and families.

The Autism Support Network Fund has been granted by Lincolnshire County Council
and NHS Lincolnshire Clinical Commissioning Group in response to a need identified within Lincolnshire’s All-Age Autism Strategy 2019-2022 by the Lincolnshire Autism Partnership Board (LAPB) and is managed by Lincolnshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust.

This new scheme is a one-off type of funding with the view to offering support to projects with new and imaginative ideas, as well as continuous support for
the activities that people already value.

Find out what community support is available for children and adults with autism spectrum disorder and their familes in our project brochure

Download our Autism Support Network Brochure here


Lincs Autism Support Network Coordinator

T: 01529 222 245


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