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The most recent Wave 10 of the Managed Care Network Mental Health Promotion Fund is now available for applications. You can access further information about this fund by clicking here.

Lincolnshire’s Managed Care Network for mental health aims to help people who have already experienced mental health problems, or who are having their first experience of mental illness.

Members of the network have close links with each other to help people prevent, manage and recover from mental illness, so that they can enjoy the best possible quality of life.

Groups and organisations across the county provide a variety of activities including social and friendship groups, formal and informal learning, supported volunteering and community participation activities.

Unlike personal budgets, people do not need to be eligible under Social Care Eligibility Criteria.

The network comprises 25 full member organisations providing projects across Lincolnshire. In addition the network also comprises associate members, which are those groups and organisations which do not currently receive an investment from the Mental Health Promotion Fund but who remain as members to retain their links to the network.

The network is funded by the Mental Health Promotion Fund which was established by Lincolnshire County Council and is managed by Lincolnshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust.

For more information and a full list of the Managed Care Network groups please download the leaflet from the links section opposite.

Useful contacts

Community Partnerships Team

Lincolnshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust
Unit 9, The Point
Lions Ways
NG34 8GG

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