Board of Directors meetings

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Our board of directors is made up of six executive directors, the Chair and six non-executive directors. Our council of governors appoint the Chair and non-executive directors for a fixed term of up to three years. The chief executive and executive directors are appointed by the non-executive directors. 

Board of directors' meetings are held on the last Thursday of the month (for dates see below) and these meetings are open to the public. The agenda and papers for the meetings will be posted on this page approximately seven days prior to the meeting. 15 minutes is allowed at the start of the meeting to respond to questions previously notified from the public.

To submit a question or to obtain further information please contact the Trust's Assistant Trust Secretary by emailing:

Board stories

A story involving our services, from either a patient or member of staff, is heard at each board meeting. These stories serve to highlight their experiences and are presented first-hand by the member of staff or patient if they are happy to speak at the meeting.

An information leaflet has been produced to help both staff and patients presenting a story. If you have any further questions please contact Karen Scott on the details above.
Click here to download the Board story information leaflet.

Meetings in 2020

Please see the document library below for relevant meeting papers once published. Under normal circumstances, our Board meetings take place at LPFT Trust HQ, St George's, Long Leys Road, Lincoln LN1 1FS. 

Important note:

In light of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) and in accordance with NHS England/Improvement’s advice, a decision was made to instigate emergency powers to manage Trust meetings. This resulted in the cancellation of some non-essential meetings or amendments being made regarding how essential meetings are held.

The next meeting of our Board of Directors will take place on 30 July 2020 at 9am over Microsoft Teams live events online.  Members of the public will be able to join on the day by following this link.

To ask the Board a question, please email by no later than 12pm on Tuesday, 28 July 2020.

Upcoming meetings:
  • 30 July
  • 24 September
  • 26 November
Past meeting recordings

Please click on the dates below to be taken to the recordings on our Vimeo channel.

Search files

Thumbnail Title Size
PDF file icon Agenda - 21 05 20.pdf 178.58 KB
PDF file icon 1.2) Declarations of Interest May 20.pdf 265.55 KB
PDF file icon 1.3) Draft Minutes of the Board of Directors Part I 23 04 20 May 20.pdf 374.69 KB
PDF file icon 1.4) Schedule of Actions May 20.pdf 305.29 KB
PDF file icon 1.5) Chair Remarks May 20.pdf 272.86 KB
PDF file icon 1.6) Reinstatement of Board Meeting Content and Agendas May 20 .pdf 264.54 KB
PDF file icon 2.1) Learning from Deaths Report May 20.pdf 303.73 KB
PDF file icon 2.2) BAME COVID19 Situation Report May 20.pdf 269.59 KB
PDF file icon 2.3) Infection Prevention and Control Board Assurance Framework May 20.pdf 260.50 KB
PDF file icon 2.3a) IPC Board Assurance Framework May 20.pdf 282.33 KB
PDF file icon 3.1) Organisational Risk Register May 2020.pdf 379.71 KB
PDF file icon 3.1a) App 1 Org Risk Register May 20.pdf 223.79 KB
PDF file icon 3.1b) App 2 Risk Register May 20.pdf 253.66 KB
PDF file icon 4.1) CEO Report May 20.pdf 256.22 KB
PDF file icon 4.1a) Trust Approach to Covid-19 May 2020.pdf 519.05 KB
PDF file icon 4.2) Sustainability Development Management Plan May 20.pdf 314.16 KB
PDF file icon 4.3) SCC Highlights and Exception Report 06 02 20 May 20.pdf 195.24 KB
PDF file icon 4.3a) Draft SCC Minutes 06.02.20 May 20.pdf 289.39 KB
PDF file icon 5.1) IPR May 20.pdf 971.49 KB
PDF file icon 6.1) Medical Staff Revalidation Statement of Compliance May 20.pdf 277.10 KB
PDF file icon 6.2) Annual Self-Declaration May 20 (1).pdf 421.02 KB
PDF file icon 6.3) Review of the Trust Constitution May 20.pdf 334.54 KB
PDF file icon 6.4) Trust Chair Information Pack Front Sheet May 20.pdf 254.68 KB
PDF file icon 6.4a) Chair Information Pack May 20.pdf 475.09 KB
PDF file icon 6.5) Annual Review of Board Forward Agenda May 20.pdf 251.10 KB
PDF file icon 6.5a) Forward Agenda as at 21 05 20 May 20.pdf 328.45 KB
PDF file icon 7.1) Forthcoming Board Programme May 20.pdf 265.33 KB
PDF file icon Draft Minutes of the Board of Directors Mtg Part I 21 05 20.pdf 600.62 KB
PDF file icon Approved Minutes of the Board of Directors Mtg Part I 21 05 20.pdf 581.80 KB

Useful contacts

Trust Secretary Office
Lincolnshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust
St George's
Lincoln LN1 1FS
  • Telephone: 01522 309175 / 309178

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