Fundraising and Gift Aid


Whilst we gratefully receive donations to our charity we also encourage people to pro-actively fundraise.

Staff, patients, carers and their families work very hard each year to raise money for our Charitable Funds.

We’ve had summer fairs, Christmas raffles, a 10k run and much, much more.

We ensure that the money raised is spent locally and with great care to maximize the benefits to our patients.

If you would like to help with fundraising for us then please contact our friendly and helpful staff at or 01522 308686.  Alternatively you can write to us at:

Beech House
Witham Park
Waterside South
Lincolnshire LN5 7JH

You can also like us on Facebook by searching for 'LCHS & LPFT Charitable Funds' and follow us on Twitter @charitablefunds

Gift Aid

Under Gift Aid, HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) will usually top up every £1 given to a charity with 25p. So Charitable Funds could receive an extra £250 for every £1,000 you donate with no extra expense to you or your sponsors.*

For donations to be eligible for Gift Aid, the donor needs to be a UK taxpayer and have paid an equal amount in income/capital gains tax.  This means, for us to claim £2.50 on a £10 donation, the sponsor must have paid at least £2.50 in tax.  Gift Aid cannot be claimed on company donations or collections from other people.

To allow us to claim this much-needed additional income, you or your sponsors must:

  1. Tick the Gift Aid box on your sponsorship form when they sponsor you or fill out a gift aid declaration form.
  2. Write their full name and title.
  3. Include their home address with full postcode.
  4. Avoid ditto marks. If a number of sponsors live at the same address, they must each complete the address and postcode fields.
  5. Donate individually. You cannot make joint donations, for example from Mr & Mrs Smith as the HMRC needs to determine who the taxpayer is.

For more information about Gift Aid, please visit HMRC’s website:

Please note that Gift Aid top-ups should not considered as part of your sponsorship target.

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