Thinking of leaving us a legacy in your will?

How your legacy could help

Some people decide to leave a legacy to their local NHS Charity.  A legacy in your Will could enable us to make a significant difference to the lives of the patients and staff who use our services. 

  • £50 will pay for medical books to give staff an extra insight into medical updates.
  • £100 will pay for Christmas decorations for a whole ward to give patients a more positive experience during the festive season.
  • £3000 could pay for equipment to enhance a sensory garden.

Charitable Funds is always delighted and grateful to receive legacies and we are more than willing to spend your money as you would like it spent.  However, it is helpful if people do not specify too precisely what the money should be used for.  This is because the type of equipment used, the names of wards, units and services or even the treatment provided can change which would cause problems in spending your legacy when we receive it and may even mean that we cannot put it to the good use you intended it for at all.

A suggested wording for legacies is:

I give and bequeath the sum of £……../ I leave the reside of my estate to Lincolnshire Community Health Services Charitable Funds (registered number 1055217), or its successors, for the benefit of the Trust generally, without imposing trust, but with the wish that it is to be used to the benefit of (for example) …….ward, ……. Service, …. Department.

What are legacies?

There are 2 types of legacies:

  1. Residuary bequest – this is when a charity or charities are left the remaining sum once family and loved ones have been provided for.
  2. Pecuniary bequest- this is when the deceased has pledged a specific sum of money to a charity.


A bequest to a charity enables you to make a planned gift to a charity you care about, whilst ensuring your loved ones are provided for.  Charitable legacies are paid before tax is deducted, reducing the amount of inheritance tax due form your estate.
For more details please contact the charity team and we will endeavour to help in any way we can.

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