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60 seconds with Michael Regan, Deputy Lead Governor

michael-regan.jpgTell us about yourself

I’m a family man – married, to my wife, Diane and I have a daughter, Amanda. I have good experience in business, finance and commerce, as well as being a service veteran.

What do you do within your role?

I am involved with two service groups – one in Sleaford, one in Lincoln and I liaise with Paula Jelly and Laura Suffield with the Trust official focus group for veterans.

Why did you become a governor?

I felt it was time to try and use my experience and expertise as well as my life skills for the benefit of the Trust and the wider mental health community. I thought that this is the ideal time.

What’s the best thing about LPFT and the NHS?

Although the NHS gets more bad press than it perhaps should – as regards LPFT, I think we get some good publicity as well as the corresponding bad publicity when something serious happens. I feel the NHS and LPFT are not valued as much as they could be or should be. I think in general, if you really need the NHS, and you are really ill, treatment will be there quickly.

Is there anything else you would like to say?

I would like to see the Trust continue to make progress and highlight its role as a trust doing its best for the wider mental health community. It has a very good foundation – based on good CQC reports - to go even further.

Anne-Maria represents LPFT at Nursing World Conference

amn-nwconference2018.jpgFor the second year running Anne-Maria Newham, Director of Nursing, AHPs and Quality has shared her expertise at the Nursing World Conference 2018 in Rome.

The event helps build communities of common interest in cutting-edge sciences. Nursing World is a group of faculty and research professionals in the field of nursing and healthcare, offering an opportunity to share ideas and knowledge as well as collaborate/network with other scientists.

Anne-Maria was a keynote speaker talking about LPFT culture improvement and the leadership programme and how it contributes to achieving quality healthcare.

Clozapine clinics start in Lincoln

clozapine-clinics.jpgPatients who take clozapine (a medication for certain mental health conditions) need regular monitoring of their blood, which used to be done at a pathology clinic. The patient would have to wait a week and return to collect their medication or have it delivered.

The ‘near patient testing and physical health monitoring’ clozapine clinic model developed in Grantham, has been extended to Lincoln. Clinics are run by experienced pharmacy and nursing staff. Patients have their bloods taken and analysed whilst they wait, they receive their medication, are offered a physical health assessment and counselled on how to get the best from their medicines. 

Kerry Evans, Clozapine Lead Pharmacy Technician said: “We knew this approach worked really well in Grantham and could see the real benefits of rolling it out to other sites in the county. The patients really like the one-stop approach and it provides a much safer, better quality service to our patients.”

The next clinic will open in Louth, and then next year, in Boston. Staff are trained to support patients who attend the clinic and also make necessary lifestyle choices to improve their all-round health.

Ensuring carers feel part of the journey

Members of our Council of Governors have been working hard to ensure the voices of patients and carers are heard.
LPFT’s Council of Governors play a vital role in representing the views of local people in the community, raising their concerns and working as ambassadors for the Trust.

Each month Pauline Mountain MBE, Carer Governor, and Jane Avison, Service User Governor, have been attending the new staff induction sessions to tell their personal stories as ‘experts by experience’. Their presentations provide an important human element of the induction and ensure that from the beginning of LPFT careers, staff are aware of the importance of hearing carer and patient views and opinions.

They also provide an introduction to the Triangle of Care, a working collaboration between the service user, professional and carer, that promotes safety, supports recovery and sustains wellbeing.

Learn about changes within community teams

We are introducing a number of improvements within community mental health teams as a result of your feedback. We have a number of groups running in our community teams including a new benefits group in Grantham as well as peer support groups in Grantham, Spalding, Stamford and Louth. Service users from the Lincoln area can attend a group specifically for them and the team is also running a LGBT+ (lesbian, gay bisexual and transgender+) group. The full list of available groups is published on the our website.

Additionally, the Grantham team will be running an open day on Wednesday 16 January 11am-2pm at the Sycamore Centre, where you can explore all groups available in the area.

In the New Year, we will be running a number of events where you can learn about changes within community mental health teams. To book a place please contact the Engagement Team on 01529 222272 or 01529 222244.

  • Wednesday 16 January, 10am–12pm, Dept. of Psychiatry, Sibsey Road, Pilgrim Hospital, Boston PE 21 9QS
  • Tuesday 29 January, 10am-12pm, Trinity House, 124 Trinity Street, Gainsborough DN21 1JD
  • Wednesday 30 January, 10am–12pm, Mental Health Department, Johnson Community Hospital, Pinchbeck Road, Spalding PE11 3PB
  • Tuesday 12 February, 10am-12pm, Holly Lodge, 9 The Meadows, Skegness PE25 2JA
  • Thursday 14 February, 1pm-3pm, Stamford Resource Centre, St George’s Avenue, Stamford PE9 1UN
  • Tuesday 26 February, 10am-12pm, Sycamore, Beaconfield, Beacon Lane, Grantham NG31 9DF
  • Wednesday 27 February, 10am-12pm, Windsor House, Windsor Road, Louth LN11 0LF
  • Thursday 28 February, 10am-12pm, Trust HQ, Meeting Room, St George’s Site, LN1 1FS

30 community groups supported with new funding

Over £300,000 of community funding has been allocated to a variety of organisations and groups that help people with mental health problems and dementia to stay well in their community.

They became part of Lincolnshire’s innovative Managed Care Network, a collection of community groups that offer support through various activities to help people recovering from mental ill health, or living with dementia.

Funding comes from the Mental Health Promotion Fund, which was established by Lincolnshire County Council and is managed by the Trust.

In total, 30 projects have benefitted from a share of the funding this year and will be offering a wide range of activities and groups that people with mental health problems or dementia can get involved in. Activities range from local social and friendship groups, sporting and other outdoor physical activities, through to creative therapy and support for carers.

Details about all of the activities and groups are available on the Trust’s website or by following the hashtag #LincsMHnetwork on Twitter and Facebook.

New cafe open to public

A community café is now open to the public at Discovery House in Lincoln.

Discovery House café is run by patients and staff at the mental health rehabilitation unit and is proving very popular with staff, patients and the local community.

The café, at St Georges, Long Leys Road is open from 9am to 3pm Monday to Friday and serves a selection of sandwiches and light meals. Patients and staff would love to welcome the public to the café to sample their menu.

A new kitchen hatch was installed thanks to a donation by the Lincoln and District branch of Soroptimist International. The hatch enables the less confident patients to assist in preparing meals, without being in a busy environment.

A previous patient at Discovery House said working at the café helped give her confidence and skills to apply for jobs.

Donna Bradford, who oversees the café said: “It provides an opportunity to learn new food preparation skills and helps build confidence.”

A new service supporting older adults at home

A new service for older adults suffering with mental health problems launched in October.

The older adult home treatment team is providing an alternative to hospital inpatient admission for older adults with severe and sudden mental health needs. The team is in place for approximately 12 months while the refurbishment works take place on Brant Ward at Witham Court, to create single en-suite bedrooms.

The home treatment team will help people manage and resolve their illness through assessment and treatment in their own home or place of residence. They will also support people being discharged from psychiatric inpatient units, helping them to continue their recovery at home. Care will be short term, intensive and flexible.

While under the team’s care, people will be able to access support seven days a week 8am – 8pm Monday to Friday and 10am – 6pm on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.

Student nurses choose LPFT

Out of 29 student nurses who had their placement with LPFT and qualified this year, 24 have chosen the Trust as their place of work. Kerry and Natalie share why they’ve chosen LPFT.

Natalie Skinner said:

“I had a brilliant experience as a student within LPFT placements. Starting a career in nursing can be daunting but it’s one of the most rewarding jobs you can do. The support is amazing and all the academic stuff is totally worth it.  

“Various placements built my knowledge and I have met amazing people that are a credit to the NHS; welcoming and generous with their knowledge. I had a fantastic learning experience and enjoyed all my placements.  

“I was ecstatic when I was offered a place in Older Adult Community, as that is my passion.” 

Kerry Higgins said:kerry-higgins-student-nurse.jpeg

“I decided to remain with the Trust, where I completed my placements through university.  I was therefore familiar with the Trust and potential jobs upon qualification.

“I would encourage others to start searching for jobs at the beginning of their final years of study; although you may not initially be offered your first choice job, it always works out in the end!  I look forward to a great career with LPFT.”


  • 60 seconds with...
  • Anne Maria Newham at World Nursing Conference
  • Clozapine clinics start in Lincoln

  • Ensuring carers feel part of the journey

  • Learn about changes within community teams

  • 30 community groups supported with new funding

  • New cafe open to public

  • A new service supporting older adults at home

  • Student nurses choose LPFT

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