Health and Wellbeing support for ULHT staff

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These resources are for the use of ULHT staff only:

Coaching uses questioning techniques to release the potential of colleagues, allowing individuals, teams and our organisation to evolve.

The relationship has a set duration and is structured with regular scheduled meetings. Discussions are short term and focussed on specific development areas, issues, goals and work.

Coaching at ULHT covers and discusses the following topics and more:

  • Skills and capabilities
  • Improve personal performance
  • Self-confidence and positivity
  • Communication

For more information visit http://ulhintranet/coaching or email for more information

Staff network groups are accessible to all staff and provide a platform for staff to voice their opinions and support the Trust to improve working practices and services.

ULHT staff networks include:

  • Lesbian, Gay, Bi & Trans + (LGBT+) equality staff network
  • Armed Forces Network
  • Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) staff network
  • MAPLE (mental and physical lived experience) network
  • Women's network

To find out more information visit http://ulhintranet/equality-and-diversity

If you feel you need to talk, please find your local Wellbeing Ally.

They may be your local Health and Wellbeing Champion, a Mental Health First Aider, Wellbeing Volunteer, Chaplain, Coach etc. They are there to listen and signpost you to services that can help you in your time of need.

For more information or support to find your local contact, please email

There are ongoing disruption to childcare and education provisions across the UK due to the ongoing impact of the pandemic.

We recognise this may affect our staff who have childcare responsibilities.

Please reach out to your line manager for support.

Email or visit http://ulhintranet/support-covid-response for additional resources and information.

ULHT encourage staff to take part in as many development, management and leadership training schemes as possible in order to increase the knowledge, safety and quality within the trust to achieve our goals and
attend to our trust values.
For more information on the development opportunities available visit:

  • http://ulhintranet/organisational-development
  • http://ulhintranet/it-training
  • http://ulhintranet/clinical-education

Counselling provides an opportunity to talk about problems or issues that concern you in a supportive neutral atmosphere.

You can access the service for personal and professional problems.

You can refer yourself by contacting Occupational Health directly or ask your manager to refer you.

A supportive conversation with a member of the wellbeing team 1:1.

The intention of our conversations is to check in and see how you are, really.

Each conversation is confidential and we are able to link you to other offers of support is needed.

WhatsApp – 07789543535
Email –
Social Media Messenger – @ULHTWellbeing

Staff can self-refer directly to any of our Physiotherapy departments across the trust.

If you need any support with an ongoing musculoskeletal, please complete the form found on the below link and drop it into your local dept.

Visit http://ulhintranet/physiotherapy-staff-self-referral-form

As we move through the pandemic, we are able to diversify and target some of the support available.

We are able to offer teams face to face support in their space/team/department at times to suit them.

This enables a more bespoke offer and we can tailor advice and resources important to you.

For more information and to arrange these sessions, simply email

Staff who regularly use Display Screen Equipment (DSE) as part of their work are legally entitled to a free eye test, funded by the Trust.

If glassesare also required solely for DSE use, you will receive monies towards the purchase of glasses.

Please complete the referral form found here http://ulhintranet/eye-test and email to the correct address at Occupational Health.

There are a number of staff benefits you can apply for such as a all salary finance benefits and support, a lease car, purchase a bike for work, purchase from Home Electronics (goods from Curry's PC World) and apply for NHS discount cards.

Borrow, Save, Learn, Advance, Help to Save.

For more information, please visit http://ulhintranet/staff-benefits

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