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There are a number of resources available to staff working across all the Lincolnshire organisations that use the Staff Wellbeing Hub. Details can be found below:

Staff Wellbeing Hub - Supporting all health and social care staff in Lincolnshire. Brief therapeutic interventions supporting you to maintain your mental wellbeing. The support line acts as triage process for those in need but is also available as a space to offload, wobble or even just chat in a judgement free, safe space. Facilitated by the LPFT Staff Wellbeing Service.

Staff Wellbeing Hub - Lincolnshire Call 01522 518609, 9.00am-5.00pm, Monday-Friday Or email

This is for staff who might be better supported with specialist talking therapies.

Steps2change provide evidence-based talking therapy for people with common mental health problems and is available to anyone over the age of 16 who are experiencing issues relating to anxiety and/or depression.

There are a number of different ways that you can access this service: Call the Staff Wellbeing Hub on 01522 518609, from Monday to Friday, 9.00am-5.00pm and they will be able to refer you. Refer yourself directly via

Contact the single point of access contact centre by calling 0303 123 400 (available 24/7).

Discuss your problems with your manager, GP, HR/occupational health team or other health professional who can refer you to the service using the organisational referral form to

Our Lincolnshire staying well website brings together some of the local and national wellbeing resources available, such as anxiety and nutrition advice or adapting to life during COVID-19.







The Healthcare Workers Foundation is a registered charity committed to protecting the welfare and wellbeing of healthcare workers across the UK.

For healthcare workers it offers free counselling, childcare grants, staff room refurbishments, shopping discounts, wellbeing resources and materials.

Click here to view the wellbeing offers and find out more about their online platform - Healthchain.

The charity also supports bereaved families of healthcare workers who lost their lives to COVID-19

It offers free bereavement counselling sessions, mentoring, legal assistance, respite breaks, free tutoring sessions and internship opportunities.

As part of the Families Programme, the HWF has also launched the Memorial Fund, offering financial assistance to students enrolled on higher education courses. Grants of £5,000 per year of study are available to support living costs, rent, maintenance fees and educational materials.

If your family needs help, contact them by emailing or call 07463 254017

For more information, and how to apply for help, visit their website here  


Many people who contract COVID-19 often feel better in a few days or weeks and most will make a full recovery within 4 weeks. But for some people, symptoms can last longer, and recovery can feel much harder. This can be described as Post-COVID Syndrome (also known as Long COVID).

Post-COVID syndrome can be described as:

  • Experiencing symptoms consistent with a COVID-19 infection for more than 4 consecutive weeks;
  • Symptoms that cannot be better explained by an alternative diagnosis (for example, an existing condition)
  • The condition usually presents with multiple symptoms, often at the same time, which may change over time
  • Any part of your body (such as physical, mental or emotional) can be affected.

Remember, everybody recovers differently, and some may take longer, or go through a more intense recovery, than others.

For further information about this service, please visit the Lincolnshire Post COVID Rehabilitation Service section on LCHS’s website here

 Lincolnshire’s free healthy lifestyle service, supporting the counties residents to go smoke free, lose weight, move more and drink less.

A dedicated team of health coaches provide a range of clinically proven interventions, along with motivational and behavioural methods to support you in your healthy journey.

To be eligible you need either:

- A long term health condition

- A Q risk score of 10% or greater

- To be waiting surgery under the NHS optimisation policy

Call 01522 70 51 62 or email or visit

The bereavement line is open to everyone in Lincolnshire. Ran by St Barnabas, trained bereavement volunteers are available every day between 11.00am–3.00pm to offer support and a listening ear. Please call 0300 303 1897

Developed by South Tees Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust Medical Psychology Team, the ‘Coronacoaster’ Recovery Programme is available to staff. Choose your own path through this programme, designed to help you to recover from the emotional rollercoaster of the Covid-19 pandemic. Visit:

The Active 10 app records every minute of walking you do (anonymously).

The app, tracks your steps, helps you set goals, shows you your achievements and gives you tips to boost your activity.

NHS Active 10 app Visit

Thrive Academy is a place for YOU, to focus on your wellbeing.

It is a programme of webinars, practical sessions and training for all staff in health and social care in Lincolnshire to help you feel calmer, beat stress and burnout and work well.

As a member of Thrive Academy, you will have access to a programme of resilience, productivity and wellbeing webinars, mindfulness sessions, reflective check-in and debrief sessions, and online resilience and leadership training all designed to help you feel better and work happier.

For more information, visit

The Lincolnshire Recovery College offers free educational courses on mental health and wellbeing, to anyone aged 16+.

Are you finding life challenging or supporting someone who is? Do you want to learn from people with real life experience of mental health challenges, as well as education and health professionals? If so, the Lincolnshire Recovery College could be for you.


Connect to Support Lincolnshire is an online information and advice library, community directory and marketplace for adults in Lincolnshire.

This website is intended for adults who want to find out about local groups, activities and services within the community.


As coronavirus social distancing restrictions ease, many people will still feel lonely and isolated.

So it will be more important than ever to take action if you or someone you know is feeling lonely.

Discover tips for what you can do and where you can go for support.


Coaching is unlocking a person’s potential to maximise their own performance”. Timothy Gallwey, 1986.

Across the Lincolnshire Health and Care system we have a pool of accredited coaches that are able to provide support around individual and team development through the use of various coaching techniques.

Topics for discussion that may but not exclusively identified as part of coaching sessions include:

- Managing change and transition

- Interview skills

- Personal performance

- Interpersonal working relationships

For more information please email

Check out these free Zumba classes which are held via livestream on Tuesdays at 6pm.

You can also access a pre-recorded class, accessible at any time within the 24 hour window, from Saturday 9am. 


Password: NHSFREE

Any questions please email

The Active Faith Network is offering additional help with phone chaplaincy, for those experiencing bereavement at this difficult time.

There are 12 ministers who are extending their support to people. They can be contacted for a listening ear or a prayer to those who are in need.

Call 01522 370148 or email

These Zoom mindfulness sessions are half an hour on Mondays and Fridays at 9:30am and 10:15am (excluding bank holidays).

They are guided by Stuart Couling who is an experienced mindfulness practitioner.

Visit to access the Zoom link.

Dr Emma Hepburn is an NHS Psychologist known as ‘The Psychology Mum’ (@thepsychologymum) who has made hundreds of illustrations on social media to improve mental health during the pandemic How to stay calm in a global pandemic Visit the website here for more information

A new Strengthen and Lengthen 6 week course to alleviate aches and pains, improve posture and core stability is being delivered by Pilates with April Moon, one of our own staff.

It is being offered at a reduced price for all health and social care staff in Lincolnshire.

It's perfect for all abilities and levels of fitness, Even if you're a complete beginner and have never done pilates or yoga before!

All you need is:

- A mat

- A little bit of space

- An internet connection.

For enquiries, email

For the course, visit

A toolkit developed by NHS England and NHS Improvement Midlands to help you look after your own health. A number of resources available on; physical activity, mental health, sleep, menopause, menstrual health, alcohol, health at work, caring responsibilities, hydration and bereavement + more. Click here to visit the website and find out more.

An all-rounded wellness platform combining lessons such as yoga, Pilates and mindfulness with bite-sized practical tools and techniques from experts in EFT, CBT and psychodynamic counselling. Discounted price for key workers can be accessed here

Supporting those who have experienced violence and abuse.

Whether that be domestic violence, sexual violence, ‘honour’ based violence, forced marriage, FGM, human trafficking or modern slavery.

Freephone 24-hour national domestic abuse helpline: 0808 2000 247 or visit

As part of October’s World Menopause Month, Arden & GEM hosted a series of bitesize webinars to raise awareness of the menopause and support those who are currently affected.

With renowned experts and speakers from a wide range of organisations the series offered information, understanding and signposting to resources for this important workplace issue.

A full list of each day’s sessions, along with along with links to the recordings and presentation slides, can be found below.


Women experience the menopause in widely varying ways. It may help to remember that it is not unusual to feel that your body is changing dramatically, or equally, that it has hardly changed at all. Further support and information can be found on the menoapuse charity website here or at womens health here

Access expert advice and practical tips to help you look after your mental health and wellbeing. Answer five quick questions to get a free plan with tips to help you deal with stress and anxiety, improve your sleep, boost your mood and feel more in control. Visit the NHS Every Mind Matters website here

Launched by Sarah Albon, chief executive of the Health and Safety Executive, Working Minds raises awareness about how to recognise and respond to the signs of stress to protect workers and support good mental health to help people to stay well.Visit the Working Minds website here for more information.

Dr Sari Harenwall, Senior Clinical Psychologist and COVID Rehab Clinical Lead for the Primary Care Wellbeing Service at Bradford District Care NHS Foundation Trust and colleagues in Bradford have recorded a series of videos on how to manage your physical and mental health and wellbeing with Long Covid. These videos are also available to watch on YouTube. Visit the website here for more information.

This is an online version of our popular, evidence-based parenting programme "Being a Parent", brought to you by the Empowering Parents Empowering Communities Team". Our interventions are developed by parents and delivered by parents and have the backing of the NHS. 

Visit the Youtube page here for more information

The focus this year was on 'Quality Sleep, Sound Mind, Happy World.' Sleep is a foundational pillar of health, and the quality of your sleep can impact not just your physical energy in the morning but your mental and emotional health, too.

Last month, Daisy Pound from Simplyhealth joined us to present a Sleep Well, Be Well webinar. She talked through different ways to identify whether you’re well rested, how diet can impact sleep differently, the role of professional services to promote a good night’s sleep as well as hints and tips. You can now access a recording of the webinar via this link.

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