Chronic fatigue syndrome / ME service

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The Lincolnshire Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/Myalgic Encephalomyelitis service (CFS/ME) is a multidisciplinary specialist service, which aims to provide robust evidence based treatment to adults and children who have a confirmed diagnosis of CFS/ME and live in the NHS Lincolnshire catchment area. The service aims to provide specialist assessment, rehabilitation interventions, and management advice from a range of disciplines. The service also aims to provide expert advice, education and support to health professionals, statutory and non-statutory organisations, service users and carers.

The CFS/ME service is a small, multidisciplinary team consisting of a consultant clinical psychologist, a specialist occupational therapist, a senior rehabilitation assistant, a specialist physiotherapist and an assistant psychologist. Our administrative base is Grantham and District Hospital, but clinical staff are community based covering Lincolnshire.


The CFS/ME service provides assessment and advice on CFS/MEmanagement strategies for adults, older adults and children referred by professionals from both primary and secondary care. All referrals must have been already medically screened for differential diagnosis, and the referrer assumes that the person fulfils the criteria for CFS in line with current NICE guidelines on CFS/ME.


The aim of the CFS/ME service is to offer specialist assessment and teach the evidence based adaptive coping strategies known to enable individuals to learn to manage the condition more effectively and ultimately improve their health. We take a patient centred approach to care and work collaboratively with other health care professionals and services in responding to the needs of this patient group. Our further primary function is to offer advice, education and support to other healthcare professionals, employers, education authorities, patients, and their carers on CFS/ME.

The community team provides:

  • individual assessments and formulations of patients’ problems/needs
  • ten week group rehabilitation programmes (adults only)
  • individual rehabilitation programmes
  • education on CFS/ME
  • liaison work with other professionals.

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CFS/ME service
(admin only office)
Unit 5, Turnpike Close
Swinbridge Road
NG31 7XY

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