What our patients say

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Here's just some of the positive feedback from patients who have worked with us:

Absolutely amazing I feel as though I was really listened to and not judged by my condition /thoughts.

Listened to me and understood me by breaking the problem down and finding the source. Learned different techniques to help me deal with my problem.

"I honestly couldn't thank this team enough, my therapist has been amazing. I never thought I would ever be in a place where I'm excited for the future, and feel strong and positive enough again, so this has changed a lot for me."

The Service has helped me enormously and I will leave with valuable guidance for the future.

Very positive and clear information by very knowledgeable and approachable staff, very clearly spoken and easy to follow and understand.

I have been treated with great respect and kindness throughout.  I hope I won't need to come back but would not worry about how I would be looked after. 

My experience has been very good, at first I was very nervous, but I was made to feel comfortable.

Can't think of anything negative to put!  I'm extremely thankful for the service, the way it is delivered is safe and comforting.

"Thank you for helping me through my problems and for enabling me to become my old self, a happier, more confident person again.  I was at a desperate part of my life and your service has definitely helped me."

With the pressure and expectation of modern life, this service is vital. The therapists are excellent and show great support.

Fabulous resource, helped me to help myself so much.  Cost effective I would think for NHS as no longer on medication or needing GP.  Can't thank everyone enough. 

I am more confident now because of coming here and I feel that I can cope a lot better now I have a plan in place and that I am not alone makes me feel better about myself.  Many thanks.

Found the course very helpful understanding how and why I feel the way and having it explained has made me realise why I feel like this.  Then how different I feel now.  Also the group was very good with people who shared a lot and I found it very helpful.

It has been invaluable for me and I wouldn't have gotten where I needed to be without it. It has really helped me put a lifelong series of issues into a more comfortable place. 

All I can say is positive. The care and attention and honesty has been really helpful.  Even my darkest days when I have been anxious, crying, wanting to scream my therapist has understood, never judged me but always helped me through.  My therapist has acted professionally and explained everything so well, I have also learnt a great deal.  Thank you.  Life changing.

Was made to feel at ease straight away, I was very nervous about my first appointment but there really wasn't any need. Very kind and friendly staff. Didn't feel at all judged like I thought I might. I would definitely recommend this service to other people.

"From the moment I came into steps to change I felt respected & valued as a person. The whole experience has been life changing for me."

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