Improving wellbeing

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It is natural for mood and anxiety to fluctuate and everyone will feel down or anxious at some point. When these problems continue for a prolonged period of time then it can begin to impact on different areas of our lives. Often people experience both depression and anxiety at the same time, and they impact on each other. They both have an impact on our thoughts, physical symptoms and behaviour which can cause people to feel stuck in a vicious cycle.

Research shows that a CBT approach is the most effective way to help overcome problems with depression and anxiety and this course will help you to learn new techniques each week to break the cycle.

During the course you will learn:

  • About the CBT approach, what depression and anxiety are, and common triggers
  • The importance of routine regulation such as your eating and sleeping patterns and techniques to improve sleep
  • How to improve mood and reduce anxiety by making changes to reduced activity levels or avoidant behaviour
  • How to reduce anxiety by learning to control worry
  • How to improve mood and reduce anxiety by challenging unhelpful thinking
  • How to recognise and manage a Panic Attack
  • How to effectively solve practical problems you may be experiencing
  • How to plan for staying well in the future to maintain progress

Does this sound like something that may be helpful? Click here to self-refer.

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