Employment Advisor Service

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The Employment Advisor Service is individually tailored to meet the needs of people suffering from stress, anxiety or depression.

Employment Advisors provide support and guidance to identify solutions to improve work-related concerns and enhance healthy wellbeing in the work

This service is offered to:

People who are employed who may be struggling at work, or absent due to sickness or work related issues:

Talk about your job and the specific issues that are affecting you at work

Help you to plan options and how they might work in practice

Help you to think about returning to work if you are off sick, when you’re ready

Help you to think about what needs to change and what support you will need

Provide advice, support and guidance in respect of difficulties at work

Work alongside Occupational Health and/or Human Resources

Identify other suitable organisations which provide employment-related advice

Stay in touch with you during the early stages of your return to work or implementing your plan

People who are unemployed who feel they would benefit from individual and also, if appropriate, group support to explore their current work situation and help them to overcome the barriers to accessing employment

The Employment Advisor Service is only offered in conjunction with one of the therapy treatment options.

"The Employment Advisor provided support and guidance to explore what I could do to make positive changes and to assist me to identify other potential employment prospects with a focus on a healthy work-life balance; I am truly grateful  for all the support, thank you."

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