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7th October 2019

My name is Susan and I’m in my 60s. I’ve struggled with anxiety all my life and I’ve had Cognitive Behavioural Therapy in the past, but the loss of a close family member made me feel I was sinking in to absolute despair with anxiety, I knew…

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17th September 2019

It is that time of year again where a lot of people will be returning to the same institution to continue with their studies, while others are going through a huge transition and starting the next stage of their journey through education.…

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12th August 2019

Rolls were something I would previously cut open, line with butter and fill with an array of tasty meats. I bet a pound though you read the title of this blog you thought this would be about fatness and thinness. Well I hope as we read on…

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11th July 2019

Attention everybody over 65, we want you! I really hope you got an image of the old war campaign poster with the man pointing his finger.

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10th July 2019

I would like to share my experience of CBT.

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12th April 2019

Mothering Sunday can be a difficult time for mums who struggle with post-natal depression.

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26th March 2019

Penny McMillan eflects on how her own approach and understandign LGBT+ issues can affect her relationship with patients.

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3rd December 2018

My experience of becoming a dad has been challenging to say the least and I hope to use it in this article as a conduit to start talking about male mental health.

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