How we're supporting you during COVID-19 pandemic

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Published on: 22nd May 2020

The current situation has caused many changes to our lives, and, understandably, we are experiencing changes to our mood. Many people have reported that their daily activity levels have reduced, resulting in a low mood, disappointment from not achieving tasks and becoming overly concerned with negative thoughts or memories. If you’re struggling with your mental health, it’s important to remember that you can contact Lincolnshire mental services to help you with your difficulties.

steps2change talking therapies continue to accept GP referral and self-referrals. The service had to adapt how they work with patients to be able to provide safe support for anyone struggling with common mental health problems such as depression, anxiety, stress or phobias.

Nick Harwood, Service Manager, said:

“Our therapists offer telephone and video consultations. There are also numerous courses and webinars available as well as guided self-help.

“We adapted to the new situation as well as we can to continue to meet the needs of service users in this difficult time. Service users have responded to these adaptations remarkably well, and they told us that they continue to benefit from our support.”

Self-refer to steps2change

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