Healthy Minds Lincolnshire

Who are we?

Healthy Minds Lincolnshire helps children and young people who may have some worries and feel sad sometimes.

There are lots of people working in our service and they all have experience of working with young people.  A lot of our work is done with you at school and we work with your teachers on how they can support you best with your worries.

Who we can help

We support children and young people up to 19 years old. If you have a special educational need or disability or are a care leaver we can see you up to the age of 25.

When Healthy Minds Lincolnshire get involved people are usually feeling sad about things they would normally enjoy.  Such as spending time with friends and family, going to school, joining in clubs and doing things you enjoy.

We can help by teaching you methods to help yourself feel better.

What we help with

People have lots of different experiences with their emotional wellbeing and health.

At Healthy Minds Lincolnshire we can help with things like:

  • Feeling worried
  • Feeling sad
  • How you see yourself
  • Friendships
  • Managing how you feel and your emotions
  • Managing feelings of anger
  • Moving up to a new school



If you have any other questions about our service, check out our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page.

Kiki the worry monster.PNG

Kiki the Worry Monster Storybook: This brilliant book was written by a young person alongside her Healthy Minds Practitioner. The storyline features everything she learnt about managing worries in her sessions.
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