Ash Villa

Ash Villa is a 13 bedded admission unit for young people between the ages of 12 to 18 years old. It is an assessment and treatment unit for a range of acute mental health difficulties. A young person may be admitted to Ash Villa if they are experiencing mental health difficulties that cannot be managed within the community due to their complexity, risk or persistence.

How is young person admitted

A young person can be referred to Ash Villa by the community CAMHS teams and/or CAMHS Crisis and Home Treatment Team.

Most admissions are planned but there may be times when a young person arrives onto the unit as an emergency. This may involve being admitted under the Mental Health Act. If this applies to your child, you will be given additional information regarding this.

What will happen to my child whilst they are on the unit?

Shortly after admission, your child will be assessed to identify their needs and treatment options. The assessment process can include involvement from family members and other professionals. We work with your child on a 1-1 basis as well as in groups in the therapy programme. There are a range of treatments that young people may be offered, depending on their individual’s needs. Some of the therapeutic approaches that may be offered include Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Sensory based approaches, Solution Focused Therapy and EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitisation Reprocessing – a treatment used for trauma).

What is the daily routine on the unit?

SWP-14-0428_79 low res.jpgYoung people are actively encouraged and expected to participate in the group programme as well as having regular individual meetings with healthcare professionals.

Whilst on the unit young people also receive educational lessons within Ash Villa School and are encouraged to participate in activities that will help them develop skills to cope with their mental health difficulties.

The Ash Villa Activity Coordinator liaises with the young people to enable development of an activity time table. In house therapy groups and sessions are offered alongside sessions facilitated by outside agencies and volunteers (all are DBS checked and supported by a member of Ash Villa staff).

What is the Care Programme Approach?

Mental healthcare is co-ordinated under the Care Programme Approach (CPA). The CPA allows key professionals to assess an individual’s needs and draw up care plans for them. Prior to coming onto the unit, your child’s CAMHS community worker (or other professional working with your child in the community) will have been appointed as their Care Coordinator.

It is the care co-ordinator’s role to ensure that care plans are put in place and meet your child’s needs. The care plan outlines any issues a young person may be experiencing and how best to manage these risks.

When a young person is admitted onto the unit, they are allocated their own individual key working team. This team usually consists of two nurses, one will be named the keyworker and a healthcare assistant. The keyworker will liaise with the Care Coordinator to ensure that your child’s needs are being met.

Who will be involved in my child’s care?

SWP-14-0428_76 low res.jpgA variety of health care professionals may be involved with your child’s care. Some of these may include.

  • Psychiatrists
  • Doctors
  • Psychologists
  • Occupational therapists
  • Dietician
  • Teachers
  • Nurses
  • Healthcare assistants
  • Art therapists
  • Pharmacist
  • Students – this is a teaching unit for student social workers, psychologist, nurses and occupational therapists

When can I visit my child?

Monday – Friday
4pm – 5pm and 7pm – 9pm


9am- 5pm and 7pm-9pm

It is not possible to visit during any of the meal times. It is advisable for visitors to make an appointment so the unit can accommodate the visit. If appointments have not been made we cannot guarantee a room will be available if the unit is busy. Parents are not allowed access to bedrooms during visits and should refrain from walking around the unit in order to respect the other young people’s privacy and security.

Who can visit?

In order to maintain your child’s safety we will ask you and your child for a list of names of people that may visit your child. An approved visitor list is formulated on admission and only individuals on the list will be allowed to visit your child. If you have any questions regarding visits, please speak to a member of staff. Visitors under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or responsible adult. If more than two people are planning to visit a young person please contact a member of staff in advance so that we can try to book the family room in order to accommodate your visit.

Places to stay

The Carre Arms
Carre Arms Hotel
1 Mareham Lane
Lincs NG34 7JP

Telephone: 01529 303 15

Distance from Ash Villa: approx. 3 miles – 7 mins by car. Prices starting from £60.00 & include breakfast

The Mallards Hotel
6 East Gate
Lincs NG34 7DJ

T: 01529 303156

Distance from Ash Villa; approx. 3 miles – 11 mins by car. Prices starting from £40.00 inclusive of breakfast.

Byards Leap Lodge Bed & Breakfast Accommodation
Byards Leap
Near RAF Cranwell
Lincs NG34 8EY

T: Telephone: 01400 261375

Distance from Ash Villa; approx. 5 miles – 10 mins by car. Prices starting from £64.00.

How to get here

By car

Ash Villa is situated in the small village of Greylees. There is free parking at Ash Villa.

Public transport

The nearest railway station is in Rauceby, and this sits on the Nottingham to Skegness line. As a minor station, it is recommended that you check train times to this station before travel. Ash Villa is a short walk from Rauceby station.

The next nearest station is in Sleaford which receives trains from Skegness, Peterborough, Nottingham and Lincoln. See for more details.

The bus from Sleaford is run by A.C. Williams to South Rauceby takes approximately 40 minutes – see Traveline to plan your journey.

Ash Villa

Willoughby Road
South Rauceby
NG34 8QA  

Tel: 01529 488060

Payphone: 01529 488215

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