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About Us

Our aim

Young Minds Matter aim to support educational professionals to broaden their understanding of children and young people’s mental health and emotional wellbeing. We also aim to increase professionals’ confidence in maintaining positive mental health for children and young people in North East Lincolnshire.

We are passionate in early identification and early intervention of children and young people’s mental health and emotional wellbeing issues. We also want to support professionals in preventing deterioration of children and young people’s mental health.

The aims of this training

As professionals we may not easily recognise when someone is having suicidal ideations. This training course will highlight the possible triggers, warning signs and safety mechanisms.

The aims of this session are:

  • To understand the term 'suicidal ideation'
  • To explore the experiences that may trigger suicidal ideation in our children and young people.
  • To be able to recognise the warning signs when a child or young person may be experiencing suicidal ideation.
  • To explore the factors that may increase the risk of a child or young person deliberately ending their own lives.
  • To learn about positive ways you can respond to a child or young person experiencing suicidal thoughts.
  • Explore ideas of what the child or young person can do to keep safe.

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