Our team

Our team is made up of a range of trained professionals, from different backgrounds, specialities and life experiences. Our team works closely together in order to provide the best offer of care to support every young person and their families in our service.

You may see various members of staff here at Young Minds Matter depending on what you need support with, this will be in order to best support your needs.

Who will see me?

Our team includes: mental health nurses, psychologists, psychiatrist, social workers, children’s nurses, occupational therapists, assistant psychologists, wellbeing practitioners, peer support workers, support staff and admin staff.

Our core team is built up of highly trained staff with various backgrounds from nursing to social work to occupational therapists. This part of the team help deliver the main packages of care, working with young people and their families through our one to one offer and through our various skills courses/groups which are all designed to help provide coping strategies, support and the chance for young people to meet people of their age with similar difficulties.

Our crisis team is not a stand-alone service but an extension of the Young Minds Matter service supporting continuity of care where possible for the child, young person and family.  The service works to maintain the child or young person in their 'home' setting and works closely with local A&E services, Police, adult mental health and the duty team within Children's Services.

For more specialized needs, we also have a range of other professionals in our team who are here to help young people and their families if needed.

A peer support worker is a person employed with the service who has lived experience of mental health and emotional wellbeing challenges. They were receiving support from mental health service themselves.

They are able to help young people who are struggling to engage in the service, due to them having experienced similar anxiety, share their stories in order to help those going through difficulties now and are able to offer the family support coming from the point of view of someone who has been in a similar position to theirs.

Psychiatrists are doctors in our service who prescribe medication and will keep in contact with the young person and their family in order to keep reviewing the effects of this medication to ensure that is the correct prescription.

Psychologists work alongside the core team delivering different types of treatment but they are also in charge of the Autism Spectrum Disorder clinic and the Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder clinic. Some psychologists being in charge of the Learning Disabilities team.

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