Here at Young Minds Matter we strive to continuously improve our service and provision for the young people and their families. 

Your feedback is an essential part of this and you will be asked at the end of your therapy to provide an insight into your experiences with us.

Here is what some of our young people and their families said about Young Minds Matter in January to March 2021.


The therapist was very patient and took things at my own pace, allowing me to become more comfortable talking to her.

I didn't think treatment would work but my nurse knew how to help me and took the time to listen and understand what I was worrying about.  I now feel I have the skills to continue to challenge my anxieties and I’m really grateful.

I felt listened too and it helped me.

My worker understood my difficulties and was able to teach me how to manage my anxiety so it didn't impact on my eating.


The service we received has been fantastic and someone is always quick to reply or help with anything we needed. Didn't feel like we missed out in anyway shape or form doing it over video calls, messages or emails. It's been fab knowing the support is there. Thank you.

I didn't think my daughter would be able to engage with telephone or virtual support and I was pleasantly surprised with how well she was able to engage in treatment and I think this is because the way her 1to1 worker interacted with her. I still think it would have been nice for my daughter to meet her 1to1 worker.

I'm soo pleased my daughter is doing better and its all thanks to her 1to1 worker.

[LD Clinician] has saved my family, she has given me the confidence in my parenting and how I support my child. She has given me the different skills that I need to help my son cope with his feelings. I now know why he behaves how he does, and I know what to do about it.

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