Wellbeing Passport

The Wellbeing Passport is given to young people after their assessment. It is used to help identify goals for the young person to aim to achieve during their time in our service. This idea was created for and with the young people of our service.

The passport has sections on what a young person’s current struggles are and how it could possibly affect them in a working environment (school, college, university, employment etc.)

These pages are valuable so that you don’t have to keep telling your story over and over to different people in order to get the right support. Your complete story will be on one page for them to read if you wish to share it.

This passport also has fun pages about a young person’s likes and dislikes, their friends and family and other information. This will help the Young Minds Matter worker learn more about the young person and understand a fuller picture.

Most of all, it is your passport, and we hope you find it helps you when meeting with us.

We had feedback that the passport makes the process of coming to appointments more child-friendly from the start.

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