How can I get help?

When you’re feeling very low or you feel like you’re struggling a lot to manage how you’re feeling, speaking to someone who you trust could be the first step to getting help.

Speaking to a close family member, friend, a doctor, or someone who works at school, could help you get in touch with us at Young Minds Matter to see if our service could help you with what you’re feeling.

Sometimes, support at school might be what you need and your school would be able to manage that with the help of our service, but other times, you might need to come to our service to meet one of our workers so they can understand how you’re feeling and what we can do to help.

How do I ask for help?

When thinking about asking for help, it can feel really scary and make you feel very worried. There are some small questions you can ask yourself first so you have a plan:

  1. Who will I speak to? Parent/carer, close family member, friend, teacher, school counsellor, youth worker, doctor
  2. Where and when would I tell them? Think of a time where you will have a safe space and enough time to tell this person without having to worry about anything else.
  3. What would I say? Plan about what exactly you want to say, this could help you concentrate when it comes to having to talk.
  4. How would I say it? If you don’t feel confident talking out loud, you could maybe write down how you’re feeling, text the person or send them an email if it’s in school.
  5. Practice? You could practice and imagine how they’ll respond so you can prepare for the conversation.

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