Video Consultations

We are now able to offer video consultations. If you are offered a video consultation this means you can connect with your practitioner using our video call system using either your personal computer, tablet or smartphone.

The video and information below is designed to help you get the most out of a video consultation and may be useful for you, your relatives or carers.

Video: A quick guide to video consultations

Translated Resources

These resources are also available in numerous languages and formats. Please use the links below:

Quick Guides for Patients

Arabic (1mb, PDF Document)

Bengali (1mb, PDF Document)

Bulgarian  (1mb, PDF Document)

Italian  (1mb, PDF Document)

Polish  (1mb, PDF Document)

Punjabi  (1mb, PDF Document)

Romanian  (1mb, PDF Document)

Urdu  (1mb, PDF Document)

Information Video

The following links will take you to the relevant video hosted by YouTube



British Sign Language BSL







The guides have been developed as a collaboration between Barts Health NHS Trust and Design Science with the IRIHS Group, led by Professor Trish Greenhalgh and Professor Sara Shaw. We thank them for allowing our service to share these with you.

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