Feeling lonely

If you have anxiety and worries

It is difficult growing up and trying to fit in with people. When you struggle to fit in with people, it can sometimes leave you feeling like you are missing out on having friendship and missing out on valuable experiences.

Feeling lonely could leave you with a lot of anxiety and worries. This is a normal reaction to have. However, if it impacts on your daily life and stops you from doing things you would normally do or have normally done, you will need some support to challenge those thoughts. You could feel worried or anxious if:

  • you’re worried about speaking to new people
  • you’re worried about being picked on or bullied
  • you’re worried about feeling judged by others
  • you’re worried that you’re missing out
  • you’re worried that you won’t make friends again.

How we can help

If these worries or similar worries are familiar to you, we can work on challenging those worries and anxieties by trying our Anxiety Skills Course. The course runs over eight sessions, where you can learn skills to help cope with worrying and challenging those worrying thoughts.

You will be given new information booklets every week, full of tips and tasks for you to try and help with you feeling worried or anxious.

Female character feeling lonely with her head in her hands

If you feel sad and low

Feeling alone or lonely could also leave you feeling very sad and low. This is also a normal reaction to have. If it stops you from doing things and becomes a bigger problem for you this is something that you would need support with. You could feel low or sad if:

  • you think no one will ever be your friend
  • all bad things are your fault
  • there is nothing good about you
  • you make bad things happen
  • you deserve to be sad.

How can we help

We can help you challenge these thoughts and try to help change how you’re feeling by trying our Low Mood Skills Course which runs for eight sessions. This is where you can learn skills to help challenge those upsetting thoughts and help bring some positivity to you. This includes help turn some of those bad thoughts into good thoughts.

You will be given new information booklets every week, full of information, relaxation techniques and other tasks to help you if you’re feeling low or sad.

If you still need support after the skills course, there is a possibility that you could have a few sessions with one of our Young Minds Matters practitioners. They are trained to help you challenge those worrying thoughts when it feels too much to do alone.

There is always support available, it’s about finding the right support that fits you and your needs.

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