Feeling sad

Feeling sad or low is normal. It is a normal reaction to situations that any of us would react to in the same way.

Every single person has felt sad, low or even depressed at least one time in their lives.

The problem with feeling this way is when it stops you from enjoying your normal life, and it starts affecting you:

  • at school
  • how you are at home
  • friendship
  • relationships with your family.

There is often a reason for feeling sad or low, such as:

  • Being shy and not confident.
  • Struggling to speak to people.
  • Being confused about how you’re feeling.
  • If you have experienced being picked on.
  • If you are struggling with school work.
  • If you worry a lot.

These thoughts and others that cause you to feel sad for long periods of time are thoughts that we can help you challenge, as well as replace with positive thoughts.

Sad character under a rain cloud

At Young Minds Matter we have different ways of helping you when you are feeling like this. Our first offer to you will be a Low Mood Skills Course which runs over eight sessions. You can learn skills to help cope with challenging those negative thoughts and replace them with positivity.

You will be given new information booklets every week, full of tips and tasks for you to try and help with you feeling low or sad. You will also meet people in your age group who have similar worries. Don’t worry, you don’t have to answer any personal questions or share anything about yourself if you don’t want to. This group is to help teach you skills and challenge those worrying thoughts.

If you still need support after the skills course, there is a possibility that you could have a few sessions with one of our Young Minds Matters practitioners. These are people who are trained to help you challenge those worrying thoughts when it feels too much to do alone.

There is always support available, it’s about finding the right support that fits you and your needs.