Feeling worried about eating

All of us have different ways of eating. Sometimes we might eat more than we do on other days, sometimes we might eat healthier than other days. If we’re feeling very sad or tired we might eat less or more than we usually do. These changes don’t always mean we have a problem with eating.

You might want to ask someone you trust for help if any of the following apply to you:

  • If your worries about eating are taking up a lot of your time and you’re starting to worry about losing control of those thoughts 
  • If people who care about you are starting to get worried about the way you do or don’t eat 

If you think you are doing any of these things then you might want to mention them when you ask for help, if you are:

  • being secretive about being food
  • struggling with confidence about your body
  • comparing yourself to others and it effecting how you eat
  • being sick a lot
  • not eating for a while
  • overeating more than you are hungry for
  • worrying about gaining or losing weight.
Character upset in front of a mirror

How can you get help?

It is very important with worries about eating that you speak to someone you trust as soon as possible so that you can start to get help for this. Thinking of what you will say and who you will say it to is very important but it is important to catch these worries before they become a bigger problem.

How can we help?

At Young Minds Matter we want to help you overcome these worries around eating, body confidence and weight. We will build support around you to make sure that you can get the right help. You may need 1 to 1 support with one of our trained Young Minds Matter practitioners. You will do work with them to help challenge these thoughts. Other options may include:

  • Attending one of our skills course
  • Working with a dietician
  • Having a meal plan put in place to help you become healthier
  • Work with your school to make sure you feel safe around food times at school
  • Work with a peer support worker who has experience of overcoming similar issues that are there to help support you on your journey.

However you may need support, we are here to listen and to help when you feel that you can talk about your worries.