How to get your child help

How do I get my child referred to Young Minds Matter?

The first step is usually to speak to family doctor, teacher or any other professional in your child's life.

They’ll ask you to tell them a bit about the kind of problems your child is experiencing so they can think about what sort of help they might need. If they think your child needs support from Young Minds Matter, they will make a referral on your behalf.

If we think we are the right place to help, we will offer what is called an “assessment” appointment.  This appointment is usually around six weeks after we have been asked to see your chils – unless there were reasons to believe your child couldn’t wait this long and they need to be seen straight away.


Where will my child's appointments be?

We are based in Grimsby in Fresheney Green Primary Care Centre.


How long does an appointment take?

First appointment is usually around 90 minutes. Any other appointments will depend on the person your child see, and the type of support they need.


How often will my child have their appointments?

The frequency of the appointments varies on the type of problem your child is having and will depend on what you agree with their practitioner.

Often appointments may be fortnightly or weekly, but as things start to improve the frequency of the appointments will become less and less until your child no longer feels the need to come to Young Minds Matter.

If at any time they feel that they need to see us more often, we would talk and agree this together.

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