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Counselling for depression is an evidence-based, integrative counselling approach approved by NICE (2009) for people experiencing depression.

Counselling for depression can help with life and adjustment issues related to events that can at times be very difficult to deal with, for example, divorce, redundancy, low self-esteem, health-related issues, loss and other significant life-changing events.

The process of counselling is dedicated to helping clients find restoration and confidence in a safe and non-judgmental environment. The approach of counselling for depression helps to facilitate independence, personal growth and autonomy.

Your assessment appointment will help you and the clinician to establish your goals for therapy. Unlike other therapies, counselling is considered to be non-directive in nature, however counselling for depression is goal orientated to help you manage any symptoms of depression by understanding the significant role our emotions can play in contributing to depressive symptoms.

The feedback we receive informs us that counselling helps people to restore meaning and gain greater clarity about issues that underlie depression.

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"Counselling has saved my life"

"It’s helped me in so many ways. I felt supported and at ease with my counsellor"

"I feel like my life has improved dramatically"

"Being listened to helped my recovery from depression"

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