My friend/relative is looking for help

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You may be unsure how to help someone who has just told you that they’ve been sexually assaulted – so let us help!

There is a lot of information on this website to guide you through how things work here at Spring Lodge and Our Leaflets and Links page can help you too. If you are still unsure about anything then please give us a call and one of our specially trained staff will help you. Call us on 01522 524402 or out of hours on 0303 1234000.

Some advice from us to you

  • Listen to them but don’t ask too many questions. They may only want to tell you a bit and that is ok! For some people it takes a while to tell their story.
  • Believe them – Even if some bits don’t make sense to you right now. They have trusted you enough to tell you so please believe what they are saying and don’t ask why or who or what.
  • Give them their options (going legal or not) but don’t judge them on what they decide.
  • Don’t expect them to act in a certain way. Everyone handles this situation differently. They may cry, be very matter-of-fact
  • Don’t tell others. It may be tempting to discuss this with other people but make sure that you respect your friend’s privacy at all times. It is also important to know that you may be asked to make a statement should they choose to go to the police and so it is important that the investigation isn’t hindered by lots of people talking about it.

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My friend/relative is looking for help

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