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In Lincolnshire Lincolnshire Partnership Foundation Trust operates two separate services for children and young people around the County. Please note that because each service is commissioned individually, the referral criteria and contact details are different for each service.

Healthy Minds Lincolnshire

Healthy Minds is an emotional wellbeing service which supports young people who may be struggling with an emotional wellbeing issue, such as bullying, exam stress, low self confidence.  Healthy Minds Team also offer advice and consultation to education staff to ensure that young people are being supported with their emotional wellbeing in an education setting. More information about the Healthy Minds Service>>


Lincolnshire Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS)

CAMHS is a specialist mental health service for children, young people and families, providing evidence-based mental health treatment for a range of mental health difficulties. This service is based all over the county, with support primarily being offered in our local clinics.

If you are not sure what service is right for you, then visit our I need more help page to help you get the right support and information. More information about CAMHS>>

If you are a professional, please see a copy of our CAMHS referral guidance.

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