Healthy Minds Lincolnshire

Who are we?

Healthy Minds Lincolnshire provide emotional wellbeing support for children and young people up to 19 years old (25 if they have special educational needs/disability or are leaving care). 

Emotional wellbeing is about being happy, confident and having good relationships. 

Evidence tells us that early intervention, when issues arise, helps to prevent mental health problems developing in the future.  That’s why our service is focused on providing children and young people with early interventions to prevent emotional wellbeing worries escalating into mental health concerns.

We use evidence-based interventions that promote resilience, normalise emotions and teach positive coping mechanisms. 

Healthy Minds Lincolnshire is being delivered by Lincolnshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust through a partnership agreement led by Lincolnshire County Council.

What do we offer?

At the current time due to Covid-19 guidelines we will be delivering our service differently to keep families safe. For the majority of appointments we will therefore be offering telephone and video appointments only.

Children and young people:

We will provide evidence-based brief interventions. This will be offered as either self-help, workshops, groups or one-to-one sessions. Vulnerable children and young people will be given priority.

Parents and carers:

We will offer support and advice to parents and carers, as part of your child/young person's sessions. We also offer parent workshops and groups.

Workshops are free to attend for any parent and can be accessed via our Eventbrite page.

An offer of a parent group may be discussed with them if their child's referral has been accepted into the service. 


We will support education and Children’s Services professionals by providing training. The training is designed to build confidence in dealing with emotional wellbeing issues and providing a Toolkit to support children and young people’s needs. Upcoming training dates for Education providers and Children’s Services will be advertised via LCC. 

We are currently revising our training offer due to Covid-19 guidelines. Our professionals centralised offer is currently on hold. The bespoke professionals training is currently being reviewed, with the intention to provide this online. 

Referral criteria

Healthy Minds Lincolnshire is a free service. We will support all Lincolnshire children and young people up to the age of 19 (25 if they have special educational needs/disability or are leaving care) if they meet the following criteria:

  • The child attends a state/academy school in Lincolnshire they are eligible for the service even if they live in a different county and have an out of county GP.
  • If they are in a private school (specialist school) and are boarding (i.e. not ordinary residents of Lincolnshire) then they are not eligible.
  • If the child is in a School out of Lincolnshire and the school is attached to an academy in Lincolnshire they are not eligible.
  • If they are ordinary resident in Lincolnshire but attend a school out of Lincolnshire then they are eligible but we would not be able to see them at school and would need to make alternative arrangements within Lincolnshire.
  • If they are registered with a Lincolnshire GP they also need to either live in Lincolnshire or attend a school in Lincolnshire.  A GP in Lincolnshire alone is not enough to make them eligible.

The service will offer support to parents and carers whose children meet the eligibility criteria above.

Priority will be given to vulnerable groups of children and young people.

How to refer

The first step for young people, parents and carers, or professionals is to follow the Emotional Wellbeing/Behaviour Pathway.

It is anticipated that, where possible, all one-to-one and group appointments will be held at the child or young person’s school. Parents and young people will be encouraged to ask schools to support them to complete an Early Help Assessment.

Professionals wishing to refer to Healthy Minds should complete the Lincolnshire Early Help Child and Family Assessment (EHA) via the Lincolnshire County Council Website. The referral should also be sent to, along with a Healthy Minds Lincolnshire Service School Referral Form; avaliable to download here. 

If you are referring more than one child from one household to Healthy Minds Lincolnshire, each child being referred will require a seperate Healthy Minds Lincolnshire Service School Referral Form along with the completed EHA. Please note a referral form without an EHA will not be accepted.

Anxiety Based School Refusal (ABSR) Referrals

If a child or young person is identified by school as meeting the Anxiety Based School Refusal Pathway, and you feel Healthy Minds Lincolnshire input is required, you should contact us by;

  • Telephoning your local hub 
  • Or send an e-mail to the Single Point of Access (SPA) with your name, school, contact details and when the best time is to contact you.

Lincoln & West Lindsey: 01522 421699

North & South Kesteven: 01476 858277

Boston & South Holland: 01205 446949

East Lindsey: 01522 307366


The Preventing Anxiety Based School Refusal (A Guide to Early Intervention) is available to download.

What will happen next?

A consultation appointment will be booked for you with a Practitioner to discuss and take a referral over the telephone. 

If appropriate a Practitioner will attend the Initial Pupil Support Plan (PSP) meeting to offer advice and consultation. This will be co-ordinated by our Clinical Leads who will allocate the HML’s school link worker to attend this wherever possible.

Lincolnshire Here4You Line

If you are unsure whether Healthy Minds Lincolnshire could help a young person you are supporting, call the Lincolnshire Here4You Line to speak to a Practitioner.

Advice will be available to professionals, young people and parents by contacting the advice line on 0800 234 6342 .  Monday to Friday 9:30am-4:30pm. 

If you have more questions about our service, check out our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Page to see whether they are answered here.

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