CYP Keyworker Service

What is the Specialist Keyworker Service?

Our Specialist Keyworker Service has been set up to provide support for autistic children and young people (CYP) and/or those with a learning disability, who are at risk of being admitted into hospital. 

This service aims to give children, young people and their families the right support at the right time, to ensure that systems within the community are responsive and meet their needs in a personalised and holistic way.

What do our Specialist Keyworkers do?


The keyworkers help CYPs, and families, navigate through the complex processes and systems in the community to get the support that they need. 


The keyworkers work in multi-agency settings to encourage service involvement and make a clear plan of actions for all involved.

Focused on community support

Keyworkers will always work on the assumption that support can be provided at home or in the community. Hospital admission will be a last resort and, should it be essential, discharge will be a focus from the beginning. 


Keyworkers deliver flexible, person-centred support. Keyworker plans are coproduced and CYP focussed.

CYP & family voice

Keyworkers focus on encouraging CYP and family voice in all meetings and support work completed.

It is essential that other professionals recognise keyworkers are not clinical and do not replace the support from other services such as CAMHS.

Working together with young people, parent carers and other stakeholders

The community keyworking model was developed through extensive consultation with young people, parent carers and other stakeholders. The service will continue to work with all involved to review and improve our service to meet the needs of our community.

Criteria for Keyworker support:

  • A diagnosis of a Learning Disability or Autism, or both
  • Children and young people aged 12 to 20 (with this increasing to cover 0-25 year-olds the end of 2023) 
  • The child/young person is on the Dynamic Support Register (DSR) and are rated as being at crisis point (amber, red or blue)
  • Registered with a GP in Lincolnshire 

Contact Information


Phone: 01522458315