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We need you!

Young people and parents/carers are key to the design and delivery of our services. We need hear your voice, feedback and experience to improve the care we provide for children and young people.

There are many different ways you can have your say, give your feedback, or get involved in service development. 


Ways to give feedback

CAMHS - complete an Experience of Service Questionnaire (ESQ)

You can share your feedback with us by completing experience questionnaires. These are available from Ipads in many of our waiting rooms or from individual CAMHS worker. Alternatively you can complete this form online. Complete our Experience of Service (ESQ) here>> 

Healthy Minds Lincolnshire - complete an Experience of Service Questionnaire (ESQ)

You can share your feedback with us by completing experience questionnaires. You can complete this form online. Click to complete our Experience of Service (ESQ).

If you would like to say thank you

Our staff work very hard to give the best possible, quality care to our patients and appreciate being told that they have helped someone recover or had a positive impact on improving someone’s life. If you would like to thank a team or member of staff involved in your care you can write to the team or individual directly.

If you would like to share your story

If you are a young person and/or parent carer who wants to share their experience, there are many ways you can do this.


Sharing your story on our LPFT website

Some young people have written recovery stories that are shared with other young people to try and inspire hope for the future. Some young people have opted to share their story through creating videos for our website. These young person stories are available to watch here>>. If you are interested in sharing your story on our website, please contact us on CAMHSinvolvement@lpft.nhs.uk to talk about options.


Sharing your story on Care Opinion website

If you’ve experienced any of our services recently, either as a patient yourself or as a carer or friend of someone else, please visit the Care Opinion website.

Care Opinion is an dependent website that gives people the opportunity to share stories and opinions on services they have received. Your story can be shared anonymously and will be handled confidentially by this non-profit service. We will respond to all comments about us on the Care Opinion website, and share them with staff.


Your rights

Children and young person advocacy

TotalVoice Lincolnshire provide advocacy for children subject to the Mental Health Act.

TotalVoice and Barnados work in partnership so that children (up to their 18th birthday) are able to access advocacy for situations where they require specialist support and advocacy.

They offer an independent voice to children and young people, to assist them in resolving issues relating to their welfare, care and circumstances. The service actively represents children and young people involved in child protection conferences on an opt-out basis.

Telephone: 01522 706580

Text: 07860 018887

Email: TVL@voiceability.org

Click here for their website >>

If you need to contact our PALS team

The Patient Advice and Liaison Service (PALS) provides confidential advice, support or information on health-related matters. They provide a point of contact for patients, their families and their carers.

How can PALS help?

PALS provides help in many ways including:

Advice and support to service users, families and their carers.

Confidential assistance in resolving problems and concerns quickly.

Information on and explanations of NHS complaints procedures and how to get in touch with someone who can help.

A focal point for feedback from service users to inform service developments.

A system for by monitoring trends and gaps in services and reporting these to the Trust management for action.

PALS can be contacted by calling 01529 222265.  Available Monday to Friday  9am-4.30pm or by email: lpft.PALS@nhs.net. Closed bank holidays.

If you would like to raise a concern or make a complaint

We hope it won’t happen, but unfortunately, you may feel it necessary to raise a concern or make a complaint about our services. If there is an aspect of your care experience that you are not satisfied with please in the first instance raise it with the staff involved in your care and treatment.

If you are still not satisfied or feel unable to do this, you can make a complaint by email, letter or telephone directly to our Patient Experience Team or by contacting the NHS Complaints Advocacy (POhWER) on Tel: 0300 456 2370.

Who can complain?

A complaint can be made by a service user or person affected, or likely to be affected by our actions or decisions, or by someone acting on behalf of the person. If you wish to make a complaint on behalf of another person, we will need their consent to discuss their personal health information with you.

If you would like further information on the complains procedure please visit the complaints section of our website>>


CAMHS Young Person Involvement Network

If you are a young person aged 13-19 and have experience of accessing Child & Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) you can ask to be part of the CAMHS Involvement Network. CAMHS Involvement Network gives you opportunities to get involved in improvement projects that suit your individual interests and passions and really make a difference.

If you choose to get involved, you will get a certificate evidencing all your hard work. If you are already enrolled on a volunteering programme with school or college, any hours you spend doing this will count as hours.

Here are some of the ways you can get involved, have your voice heard, and improve services!


Co-producing videos

We have teamed with some young people who have co-produced mental health awareness videos that can be shown within Schools or at Universities to support other young people and challenge the stima of mental health.

Visit our 'young person stories' page to see more videos and more resources created by young people

Attending focus groups/engagement events.picture of 4 people on video call.jpg

We often host young person and/or parent carer digital focus groups or events (called You In Mind) during half term to gather views on service changes, new projects, or simply listen to your feedback. This is a chance for you to tell us what you think we need to do to improve what we do.

We want to listen to your views, but we also want to make sure this is making a difference and can influence change. This is why we take your feedback and suggestions to managers in our service, and always update you on how your feedback has led to change.

Recruitment picture of young boy on ipad.jpg

It is important that we recruit the right people in all our teams. To ensure that we get the right person for the job we actively involve young people and parents and carers in our interview process. This could include and involve contributing interview questions, being on the panel and asking these questions, and working with the recruiting team to decide who is best for the job.

 We support young people in this through providing interview training,

If you were interested in more information about the CAMHS involvement network, please email at lpft.CAMHSinvolvement@nhs.net


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