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I feel my child needs help but I'm not sure where to turn

Lots of young people identify they can get the right level of support they need by visiting our self-help webpage. This page includes online workshops, websites and tips from young people. 

We've also worked with parent and carers with lived experience of accessing Children and Young People's (CYP) YP services to give you lots of useful information (helpful websites, tips etc) on our "How can I help my child?" webpage. 

However if your child is not currently open to any of our Children and YP services and you would like some advice, or want to discuss the possibility of a referral to one of our CYP services, we invite you to consider the following options.

Here4You Line

Telephone 0800 234 6342

Speak directly to one of our practitioners from our Here4You Access Team.

Our Here4You Access team are on hand to listen, and explore support options moving forward. They may provide you with advice, signpost you to relevant services, or you may decide together that a referral to CYP mental health services would be most appropriate.

Please note the Here4You line is open for advice 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Self referrals can only be taken between the hours 9am to 4.30pm (excluding bank holidays). If your child or young person is aged 13 or over you must have their consent prior to making a referral via the Here4you line. 

Please visit our Here4You Meet the Team page to see and learn more about who you may be speaking to.


Here4you telephone number and logo

Online Self Referral

Online self referral is currently open to young people aged 13 and over. 

Parents and carers wishing to self refer on behalf of their child will need to contact our Here4You line.


I just want more information on...

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