Starting a conversation on equality #Breakthebias

Published on: 4th March 2022

Starting a conversation #Breakthebias

We are passionate about equality and inclusion at our organisation. We imagine a world that is diverse and inclusive where all women feel valued and celebrated. Help us #BreakTheBias. Everyone should have equal opportunities and not be restricted in their career because of their gender.

Why is it important?

We know that bias can make it difficult for women to move ahead and as a result can have a negative impact on women’s mental health and self-esteem.

Gender equality and acceptance can have a huge positive impact on women’s mental health and want to support the young women we work with in achieving their goals whatever they may be which is why we are supporting International Women’s Day.

Here's what other local Lincolnshire women said:

Sarah Connery, Chief Executive of LPFT, comments:

“Although more women are now getting to top management roles, we need to do all we can to #breakthebias and this is a perfect occasion to start a conversation. I want to show young people that anything is possible with hard work and determination.”

Sophie Devenish, Team GB Olympic swimmer, said:

"For me, it is about valuing our differences, pushing through our challenges and celebrating our successes. This day is a great opportunity for us to start conversations and for people to see us – in our professions – doing amazing things. I want to be the role model I wish I’d had as a young girl growing up! Life is a series of choices and my aim is to make the right choices to #breakthebias for women’s equality"

Julia Whitfield, Watch Manager at Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue, adds:

“Gender stereotypes are still sadly a part of everyday life and women continue to be under-represented in the fire service. We need young people to know that a career as a firefighter is rewarding and challenging, but also about your own abilities and nothing else.”


What are we doing?  

We’ve teamed up with girls and women from across the county, including a firefighter, a lorry driver, a sports coach, a detective constable, an entrepreneur, an engineer, a scientist, a CEO and a mechanic to share the message.

We’ve created the below video as a resource to start conversations in schools and show that the career possibilities are endless.

Imagine the positive effects of living in a gender equal world, free of bias, stereotypes, and discrimination. Imagine the confidence a world like that would instil in our young girls and women.

What can you do?

Equality starts with a conversation. Why not have a chat with your friends, family or even in school around what #breakingthebias means to you and how you can support each other to reach those goals.

We are all responsible for our own thoughts and actions, but by sharing stories we can start to break down the bias in our schools and colleges, in our communities and workplaces.

Join us by crossing your arms to show your commitment to #breakthebias on 8 March. Follow #breakthebias on social media channels.

A huge thank you to:

  • Emma Wales, the lorry driver
  • Sarah Connery, the CEO of Lincolnshire Partnership Foundation NHS Trust
  • Sophie Devenish, Olympic Swimmer
  • Georgia Wilson, the mechanic
  • The women from Lincoln City Football team
  • Sue Simmons, a pre-school manager
  • Nicola Steel, a glass blower
  • Maddie, the sports coach
  • Natalie Ireland, the photographer
  • Keely Bloodworth, the PE Teacher
  • Cherry Puddy-Buxton, Detective Constable at Lincolnshire Police
  • Sarah Sleight and Eustasia Chidarikire, Agricultural nutrition quality control team -
  • Caroline Knight, Entrepreneur and business owner
  • Engineers:  Kim Scurr - capability manager, Nicola Marra - capability manager, Lin Howell - Principle Engineer, Judith Gilpin - Project / Materials Engineer, Helen Harvey - Production Leader, Nicola McHugh - manufacturing technician, Tracy Ganderton - Manufacturing technician, Lynn Clarke - Manufacturing Engineering Manager, Janice Leung - Component Design Engineer.
  • Sarina Robinson, a Scientist
  • Julia Whitfield, a firefighter from Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue  
  • Lucy Harte, our Mental Health Practitioner

To find out more about International Women's Day, visit 


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