Anger is a healthy emotion and something that everyone experiences from time to time. It is a feeling of passion and survival.  It is however a strong feeling that can feel really intense and uncomfortable, and is not always easy to express. It is hard to avoid feeling angry but acting aggressively because of it can make things worse.

What do I do?

Understanding what is making you feel angry can help you to do things differently.  Sometimes anger can be a sign that you are upset about other aspects of your life. For some people, it could also be linked to feeling overwhelmed with other emotions or life circumstances e.g. having difficulties within a relationship, feeling rejected.

To help you get an idea of possible causes for your anger, you could keep a diary of some of your thoughts that go through your mind when feeling angry or irritable. Through doing this, if you feel anger is  related to a deterioration in your mood and/or feeling low, please visit our 'depression and low mood' page if you feel this could apply to you.

Finding out what may be causing your anger might not be something you feel you can do on your own and it may help to talk to someone about this, including family, friends, school counsellor, or by using Kooth online support service.  Alternatively, here are some links to ideas about why these feelings happen and how to manage them;


I need more help

Have you tried the advice and self-help information on this page? AND/OR Have you sought support from somewhere else (e.g school) but feel you need more help? 

If so, you can speak  your School to discuss a referral to our services.

You can also now speak to a emotional wellbeing/ mental health practitioner for advice:

Lincolnshire Here4You Line
0800 234 6342

Advice 24 hours a day

We also offer a self referral service, please visit our Self referral page for more information about this process, including when it may/may not be appropriate. 

Self-referrals are only taken between the hours of 9:30am – 4:30pm, Monday - Friday

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