Self harm has become increasingly common in the past few years amongst young people. There are different forms of self-harming such as cutting, burning etc. There are many reasons why people may want to do this and is often considered a reaction or coping strategy to another problem such as anxiety, stress or feeling overwhelmed. Self-harm is not considered a mental health problem diagnosis, but is usually a symptom of something else.

Self harm can also be a way of showing someone how upset you feel, or a way of controlling something particularly if you feel trapped or out of control in other areas of your life. Unfortunately acts of self harm can often quickly lead to feelings of guilt, leading to an unhelpful cycle that can be really difficult to break out of.

What do I do?

You may not fully understand why you want to self harm but there are different ways to cope, and it is important to get some help and support. Helpful leaflets/Resources on Self-Harm from The National Self-Harm Network

It's also really important to speak to someone that you know and can trust. Starting these conversations may feel really overwhelming and you may worry about how people might react, however this will be really important as they can help you get support from places like a school counsellor. You can also try Online counselling service Kooth.

Remember:- it's really important to seek medical attention if you become worried about how any self-harm lacerations are healing. Always seek medical attention from your local A&E department if you have taken any medication beyond prescribed/recommended amount.

I need more help

Have you tried the advice and self-help information on this page? AND/OR Have you sought support from somewhere else (e.g school) but feel you need more help? 

If so, you can speak  your GP/ School/ Social Worker to discuss a referral to our services.

You can also now speak to a emotional wellbeing/ mental health practitioner for advice:

Lincolnshire Here4You Line
0800 234 6342

Advice 24 hours a day

We also offer a self referral service, please visit our Self referral page for more information about this process, including when it may/may not be appropriate. 

Self-referrals are only taken between the hours of 9:30am 4:30pm, Monday - Friday